Saturday, 9 February 2013

A clear and transparent recruitment process?

On the 16th January On the The Wasting Miles Martin Shipton reports that South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael was advertising for a deputy and an assistant.

In contrast to some other Commissioners, the former Labour MP has decided to recruit via open competition.

He said: “These roles are open for anyone to apply so that the process of recruitment is clear and transparent.

And the result ?

A former Cardiff councillor has been named deputy police and crime commissioner for South Wales.

Sophie Howe, who currently works as a special adviser to the Welsh Government,  a former Labour Candidate for Cardiff North  and was deputy leader of the opposition Labour group on the council before losing her seat in 2008.

She was first elected to the authority in 1999, when at 21 she was the youngest councillor in Wales.

Police and crime commissioner Alun Michael was one of three panel members who appointed her to the £65,000 a year post, the other two being South Wales Police Chief Constable Peter Vaughan and Bridgend council chief executive Darren Mepham

Ms Howe, who lives in Whitchurch, previously worked as a political adviser for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. In her current role as a special advisor to the Welsh Government she has responsibility for communities, local government, community safety, housing and regeneration.

 "Regeneration".Does this mean she has any connection with The Welsh government regeneration investment fund worth tens of millions of pounds and launched two internal investigations?

The Regeneration Investment Fund for Wales (RIFW) was already the subject of an inquiry into the sale of publicly-owned land worth more than £20m. and which is currently suspended.

If there is any connection shouldn't we be told?

But its not clear what expertise she has in policing and crime 
So a clear and transparent. process of recruitment

So why does it remind me of the good old days when the Labour Councillor heading a interview panel for a head teacher would announce.

I will now leave the room when you discuss whether to appoint my don as headteacher of this school.

Thank goodness the days of cronyism and nepotism by Labour in Wales are over. 

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