Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Woman to have first child:Major News.

The  main News item on the Television last night was not Syria , Israel threatening the peace process or the forthcoming Autumn statement   last night but after 18 months of marriage  a young couple  William and Catherine, Windsor are expecting their first baby.

True  the news that s Catherine was admitted to a central London hospital with acute morning sickness Monday afternoon. added to the hype but god help is for the next nine months.

Have the couple missed a trick year careful  timing and a conception in January 2014 could have seen the birth of an heir in Autumn of that year about the time of the Scottish Independence referendum .

Perhaps Catherine can be persuaded to produce a second child in time to help to save the Union?

Whatever the sex the first child is the sex will not have an effect on  the succession as William and Catherine's child will be next in line to the British throne after William, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, the British Cabinet Office said  Planned changes to the law of succession that end the tradition of a boy jumping over an elder sister are already de facto in effect, the Cabinet Office ,

Still we can expect to be joining Catherine in her morning sickness as we Plebs are faced with months of vomit inducing sycophancy fro the forelock-tuggers  and the demotion of real news in order to cover a Women's pregnancy.

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Anonymous said...

"Perhaps Catherine can be persuaded to produce a second child in time to help to save the Union?"

You can bet your bottom dollar Glyn. Sure as night follows day...