Friday, 14 December 2012

Pat Finucane murder was little more than a war crime.

The Sir Desmond de Silva report into the murder of Pat Finucane was published yesterday, 23 years after the Belfast civil rights lawyer was shot 14 times in front of his wife and children by a loyalist death squad.
The Campaign to get at the Truth like Bloody Sunday and Hillsborough have been long and torturous 
In 1999, the third inquiry of John Stevens into allegations of collusion between the security forces and Loyalist paramilitaries concluded that there was such collusion in the murders of Finucane and Brian Adam Lambert. As a result of the inquiry, RUC Special Branch agent and loyalist quartermaster William Stobie, a member of the Ulster Defence Association was later charged with supplying one of the pistols used to kill Finucane, but his trial collapsed because he claimed that he had given information about his actions to his Special Branch handlers. The pistol belonged to the UDA, which at the time was a legal organisation under British law. A further suspect, Brian Nelson, was a member of the Army's Force Research Unit. He had provided information about Finucane's whereabouts, and also claimed that he had alerted his handlers about the planned killing

The key conclusions of the latest report,include the following acknowledgements:
  • There was a continuous supply of information from the British state to the British terrorist groups
  • in the North of Ireland over a period of many years. In fact, concludes the report, by the mid-1980s up to 85% of all intelligence information gathered by the UFF / UDA alone was supplied to them by the RUC, British Army and the British Security Service (MI5).
  • The British authorities took no action in relation to numerous intelligence reports which outlined a number of future terrorist attacks by the Unionist gangs, with the paramilitary police and Intelligence services ignoring or concealing such information.
  • British agents employed or working on behalf of the RUC, British Army and MI5 played “key roles” and actively “furthered and facilitated” the murder of Pat Finucane and others.
  • Following the murder there were no attempts by the RUC or British authorities for a long period of time to investigate or arrest known suspects belonging to the UFF / UDA for their participation in the assassination.
  • Serving or former members of the RUC, British Army and MI5 Army persistently lied or attempted to deceive investigators. Several senior British Army officers provided  highly misleading and inaccurate information.

And yet The Finucane ,family’s demand for a full public inquiry into his death, however, was refused by David Cameron

The Idea that such a murder could take place in which the state concluded only 23 years ago ,is shocking and we cannot draw a veil over it until the Finucane family get full justice 

The  Bloody Sunday inquiry showed that, we are entitled to know exactly what happened, how it is that state forces could commit such atrocities in our name,The truth, the whole truth must out, and it will only emerge with a full judicial inquiry. and it must come sooner than later if not from this Government then the next.

The Agents of Law concluded in the murder of a man who was doing his job seeing that all are entitled to a proper defence.

This was not James Bond or Spooks.There's no justification for the State to break its own Laws and murder people even if they thought they were Terrorist

Bur  Pat Finucane wasn't even a Terrorist the UFF may have considered him one; But he was a Lawyer and the British Government and its arm of ts the law knew this and still concluded in his murder and we still do not know the full extent of that murder or the extent of the knowledge of government minister at the time of this conclusion before Finucane's murder and after.

Just like Bloody Sunday we will eventualy have a full inquirey but probably after many of those responsible are dead.

But time will not dampen the truth and the truth is in 1989 the forced of Law abd Order in the UK behaved in the same way as those in former Yugoslavia during the recent conflict.

What we have here is little more that a form of War Crime and those who are responsible must face justice.

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Good comment. The British State has a long, brutal, and disgusting history.