Friday, 7 December 2012

Best Wishes Welsh Agenda

Yesterday's Blog  where I  wrote on my own financial experience of being unemployed and seeking work may explain why I am one of the few who try to write a post on a daily basis.

I find myself waking up everyday at 6:30 and writing my daily incoherent rant full of grammatical errors etc . Sees me through the first hours.

Still I have the time and still some enthusiasm but I recognise how hard it would be for people to Blog on the same basis regular  basis. 

However we have lost a number of regular contributors to Welsh Blogging, over the last few years.


Dib Lemming- a entertaining LibDem Blog
England's Left Forward - A progressive English Viewpoint
Laudanum - A counterpoint to The Druid of Anglesey (which also has gone away)
Merthyr Voice
Plaid Panteg -Much Missed
Wales Home - What Happened to it
Welsh Political Twins
Welsh Ramblings - For god sake come back.

And now we have the news that because of illness Welsh Agenda has called it a day .

National Left send his best wishes to NA and hope for a speedy recovery

We also have seen some of our better bloggers making less contribution than they used to . No criticism It takes time and effort to Blog on a regular basis and I've nothing but respect for all who contribute irrelevant of their stance

On a welcome note Pendroni has made a welcome return

I think its also time we all who take part in the Welsh Bloggerspherepaid tribute to Alwyn a p Huw on Miserable Old Fart who was probably the first to put this blog on his reading list and I am certain that I woud.t be getting the visits I have it wasn't for his early inclusion.  where he has built up a considerable list of Bloggers not only ones from Wales. Diolch Alyn.

And on that note . I would like to request that readers of this Blog recommend  any Blogs that I could include on my reading list.

If you know any particularly bogs relating to Wales let me know.

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