Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Welsh Secretary David Jones 30 years behind us.

So our Representative  Westminster Cabinet  (or Westminster representative in Wales ) Welsh Secretary David Jones,  he  will vote against plans to legalise gay marriage in Wales and England.His fellow Conservative and Wales Office deputy Stephen Crabb will also oppose the move.

They are joined by  Monmouth MP David Davies calling it "barking mad".

Mr Davies said the party would lose loyal activists if it pressed ahead with the policy.

Mr Jones, the MP for Clwyd West, declined to give interviews on the UK government's same sex marriage plans as "this bears no relation to his role as secretary of state for Wales".

Yes it does we kneed to know where a public fave of Wales stands .

This is hardly surprising as all three are members of the Cornerstone Group  a socially conservative or traditional conservative political organisation within the Conservative Party.The Group espouses so called traditional values as exemplified by its motto: Faith, Flag, and Family. 

Conservative MP  Alan Duncan  who is openly Gay once referred to this wing as a "Taliban tendency" within the Party.

The fact that Duncan and other MPs can know openly announce their sexuality and that it has absolutely no effect on their voters shows how time has changed.

But the weekend, David  Davies said the idea pf  same sex churchoWeddings  was "barking mad".

He caused  controversy by saying most parents "would prefer their children not to be gay, knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else".

The UK government will set out its plans soon after a consultation on measures to allow homosexual couples to marry.

Some senior Tory MPs and peers have launched a campaign group backing same sex marriage.

and not all Welsh Tories are locked in the past. The leader of the Conservatives in the assembly Andrew RT Davies also added his support to Cameron's  plans  on Twitter, saying: "The best thing to happen in my life was to meet and marry my wife, it cannot be right to deny two people in love the same feeling".

The world has change as a 59 year old  heterosexual male I have in my own time matured and seen same sex relationships for what they no different in the love and commitment than heterosexual ones.

And Marriage has changed many chose to make the commitment outside religion and go for a secular marriage.

The Church  long ago lost the right to define marriage as being between a man and  a woman. it is for us to decide now.

The proposal in that Churches will not have any legal compulsion to marry same sex couples is a sensible one.

Though there would be controversy ,if a Church was to refuse a couple who were a different colour.

But it is better to allow the Church's to follow their pwn conscious rather than legislate.Many will realise that they must reflect the mood of the people of the nations of these Islands. 

Some like Catholic and Anglica church s n will resist same sex  marriages  for a long time.

But some time in the future people will look back with amazement that people opposed same sex marriages in the same way people opposed the abolition of slavery.

In the meantime the Welsh Office is full of Ministers who seem to be 30 years behind the rest of us out of touch and out of reality.

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