Friday, 21 December 2012

Sir Gâr Wins Another Award.

The Citizens of Carmarthen will be celebrating their Council 'Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs' 'PR Plonkers of the Year' Awards for 2012. over the editor of the South Wales Guardian claims that Carmarthenshire council withdrew advertising from its pages after it criticised the authority.Carmarthen Council also a received a special mention in the 'Hellfire Award' for their involvement with the evangelical Towy Community Church, 

This is Carmarthens second year in the Awards where they only managed to achieve a runner up in the "Legal Bully of the Year" for it attempt to bar fellow blogger Jacqui Thompson (Caebrwyn) from meetings to the extent they had Dyded-Powis police arrest and throw her in the cells for trying to use her democratic right.

She is still facing a libel case from where she is suing Carmarthen Chief executive Mark James who is counter suing the council who ( i:e council tax payers) , will be paying Jame's case and indemnifies James from the costs associated with the legal action.

Its listed to begin in London next February .

Jacqui is not alone in telling us whats happening at Carmarthen County Gall Y Cneifiwer has been often amusingly detailing the antic's of the ruling group on the council.

Indeed the odd thing is that it a group!Consisting of Labour and Independent councillors and whilst we are used to the former when it complete control behaving heavy handed its odd that a majority of Independents seem to willingly go along with them especially as a number may be as Peter Hain claimed earlier this year closet Tories.

Few seem to break ranks and appear to be awe of their own leadership and allow their council reputation to ruined in this those running it.

It could well be the prospect of Plaid running the Council is more abhorrent to them that partaking in behaviour which shames them , Carmarthen and the whole of Wales.

Unfortunately the Citizens of Sir Gâr will have to put up with this unholy alliance for the near future . Indeed with Labour on a high in Wales it probably be well into the next decade before they are booted out.

Chilling thought.

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