Saturday, 8 December 2012

PCC's already under fire for cronyism.

It seems that the 15% who bothered to vote in police and crime commissioner election may have voted for a package they were not quite expecting

Because its been revealed  a number of winning candidates seem to believe that their agents were de facto also running for the position of their deputy

Gwent police commissioner Ian Johnston,, who stood independently, announced his intention to appoint his former Gwent Police colleague and election campaign agent Paul Harris as his second-in-command.

It comes as police commissioners in England have been accused of cronyism over their decisions to appoint friends, ex-colleagues and contacts as deputies on salaries of up to £65,000.

 The Northamptonshire commissioner, Adam Simmonds, is reported to be planning to appoint 17 staff, including his election campaign agent.

These are not elected roles and one wonders how many of those who bothered to vote realised that the Police commissioner would have unelected deputies .

I suspect that many thought that the Police Commissioners, would cut down on bureaucracy  and expenses .

Instead we are likely to see empire building and money diverted to the Office of the Commissioner as the PCC seek to limit the councillors and independent members that make up the Police and Crime Panel

Meanwhile the Mirror  reports   newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner has been criticised for refusing to quit working as a barrister while picking up a £70,000 annual salary from the taxpayer.

Winston Roddick, 72, confirmed he intends to continue as a lawyer alongside his new role even though he promised voters he would “put the needs of the ­ratepayers at the top of my priorities” during his election campaign.
When challenged about any conflict of duties, he dismissed any suggestion he might not spend enough time in his new post, replying: “It was never advertised as a full-time job.”
He said: “The holder of the post may hold other ­positions, self-employed or otherwise, but the people of North Wales can rest assured my priority will be this post.”
Mirror  1st December 2012
The Mirror report may be be connected to Winston a Liberal Democrat winning the post whilst standing as an Interdependent.

 But its valid criticism 

Again I imagine most people saw the PCC as being a full time job but we probably will fond that simply by the position all the PCCS will be taking up exalted part -time positions .

It makes you wonder why people bothered to vote

Oh that's right most didn't

It seems they may well have made the right choice.


Bill Chapman said...

I am afraid the Tory government has created a monster baby which will grow up and bite them onm the bum. Already many of those elected have shown disregard for the importance of high standards in public life.

How do we get rid of them? A national petition, perhaps?

glynbeddau said...

Well the best way to get rid of them would be devolve policing and criminal justice to the Welsh Assembly in the same way it is in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Cibwr said...

And then we would abolish the posts.

Bill Chapman said...

I've just found a rapidly growing petition at: