Friday, 28 December 2012

We need parity with Scotland not small concessions,

On top of Carwyn Jones proposal for the Nationalisation of Cardiff Wales Airport  Wales' First Minister  there a little reported statement  that back in October  that Wales should have a dual role in deciding whether the Severn Barrage project should go ahead.
Carwyn Jones, replying to a cross-party debate on the potential of energy generation in the Severn Estuary, said the scheme represented a “tremendous opportunity” – and that he would seek a wider role for Wales in decision-making over proposed schemes.
 He called for Wales to be given control over renewable energy projects in the same way that Scotland has, saying the Welsh Government took a “strong view” that Wales should have sufficient control over its own resources.

“This control does rest with the people of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in their respective nations – it isn’t true of Wales,” he told the Senedd.
“It’s important that as we see our natural resources developed that the people of Wales see the benefit that we get from that – a benefit that hasn’t always been there.
“It’s important that as we look to the future, that there’s proper benefit for the people of Wales. We must not allow the situation to happen again when natural resources are used but the compensating benefits are not put in place.”
He called for a dual role for Wales in the Barrage decision-making process.
“Sadly there’s no planning role for the Welsh Government offshore.”
Western Mail October 18th 2012

It does provide some evidence along with Leighton Andrews standing up to Michael Gove when the were are at loggerheads in a row over whether to regrade GCSE English exams. that the Assembly may be getting some backbone.

Of course its easier to stand up to central government when its of a different colour and I doubt that Carwyn and Leighton would not be so eager to push Wales, in another direction if their own party were holding the reins of power in Westminster.

Indeed . Why haven't both realised that the answer to any such conflict is that Wales should have full parity with Scotland and not have to beg for a place at the table or check if its OK with a Westminster government minister before embarking on a different path?

In my comment on Carwyn Jones. plans for Cardiff airport I asked of he was "Un Petit  René" after  René" Lévesque the founder of modern Quebec Nationliam started his public campaign for nationalisation. of  "Hydro-Québec   when he was a minister in the then Quebec Liberal Administration.

 Of course Lévesque left the Liberals to form Parti Québécois . becoming  first Quebec political leader since Confederation to attempt, through a referendum, to negotiate political separation for Quebec.

So Carwyn is not even "Un Petit  René" but he rather than asking for crumbs from the Westminster. Should realise it would be nice to see our own table laden for our own needs.

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