Friday, 9 August 2019

Nigel Farage's Brexit Limited Company to hold Welsh "Region" conference.

Over the years the Autumn  Party Conferences have become less of means where grassroots members can put forward motions , often provoking major debates and highlighting differences between the political parties , to resembling Rallies where the leadership make speeches outlining the programme the party whether in government or opposition will follow over the year.

Nigel Farage's Brexit Limited Company seems to have taken it further with a series conferences  throughout the UK


The Welsh Leg where at £5 a Ticket 
has been announced 

The Brexit Party is holding a conference in Wales, as part of our nationwide tour.About this Event
These series of events are a chance to meet your local MEPs and Prospective Parliamentary Candidates on a one-to -one basis to discuss local policy ideas, prior to a speech with Nigel Farage and keynote speakers from the region.
More details to follow - please keep an eye on this page for confirmation of when the policy session will commence.
The policy session will precede the speeches, which will start at 2pm. Please arrive at the The Caernarfon Suite.
See you there!

Apart from the glaring admision thet Nigel Farage's Brexit Limited Company regard Cymru as a region I doubt that even charging £5 a head , for the deluded twats who want to listen to The Glorious Leader , wil cover the cost of hiring the Celtic Manor , (unless  they got a discount), how can Nigel Farage's Brexit Limited Company afford to run all these.

Who is funding all this?

One of the keynote speakers may be Gwynedd Councillor Louise Hughes formerly of Llais Gwynedd  and now an independent perhaps Nigel  Farage's Brexit Limited Company 


Note all
the Nigel  Farage's Brexit Limited Company PPC's have a similar meme, but should she be reminding voters that  Dwyfor Meirionnydd voted Remain?

Jac O'the North has previously said  that he voted for Ms Hughes  though he may have changed his mind, but then again he has come out as a Brexit supporter.

I await his reaction with curiosity. 

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