Thursday, 1 August 2019

Labour's "Closet Nationals" need to come out very soon.

The Third Rate Welsh Minister has said admitted that the debate around Welsh independence has risen up the political agenda, 
Mark Drakeford said "just singing 'Rule Britannia' and waving the Union Jack" would not be enough to preserve the United Kingdom.
He met new prime minister Boris Johnson in the assembly on Tuesday at the end of the PM's first visit to Wales.
Mr Drakeford said he raised concerns about the future of the UK at the meeting.
Thousands of people marched through Caernarfon last Saturday for a rally backing Welsh independence
Speaking to BBC Radio Cymru's Post Cyntaf programme, Mr Drakeford said: "I think independence has risen up the public agenda and people are thinking about independence. I told him that.
"And, of course, he came down from Scotland where independence is at the top of the agenda and I told him there is more interest, there is more discussion about independence.
"Of course, people who support independence in Wales, it's up to them to explain to people how that is going to work and to answer many serious questions.
"And for people like me who want to see a strong devolved Wales but also a future for Wales in a successful UK, that's the case we'll have to explain to people."

Image copyrightBoris Johnson visited a chicken farm in St Brides Wentlooge, near Newport, on Tuesday

On Tuesday Mr Johnson said it is "up to the EU, this is their call" if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.
In a news conference following the meeting, Mr Drakeford said there was a "deeply concerning lack of detail" about the Brexit process from the new prime minister.
Speaking on BBC Radio Cymru's Post Cyntaf programme on Wednesday morning, the Third Rate Minister said he also raised concerns about the future of the UK in the meeting.
"I had to raise the topic because of the situation in Scotland, the situation in Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland," the first minister said.
"Things in the UK have changed and Brexit has created more debate about the future of the UK."
Meanwhile former  Tory leader in the Asssembly was  not having it.

The only people I hear talking about independence in Wales are nationalist supporters and Labour politicians who've been closet nationalists all along!

The Irony is that  that Mr  Davies  is actually talking about it and shows a photo of the huge turnout in Caernarfon  on Saturday.

Of course Andrew RT Davies would consider a Welsh Politician who supported the call for Airport Duty to be transferred to Wales as being a closet nationalist.

I don't know how many Labour politicians who are closet nationalists, but if there are its time they revealed themselves.

Time is running out, with Boris Johnson indicating that he is going to seek to reverse the devolution settlement

This from the National 
The Tories love trotting these out, assuring us that Scotland is valued and respected by the UK Government.
Unfortunately for Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, he let the mask slip in an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today show.
The presenter had a big question for him. She asked: "How will you deal with opposition to no deal in Scotland, not least from the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, who said she won’t accept it?"

He politely refrained from the honest answer of "why would I care what Ruth Davidson thinks", but he might wish he hadn't.
Instead, Rabb replied: “Well, as Unionists, we’re committed to respecting the democratic mandate of the referendum which applied to the whole of the United Kingdom and that was very clear.
 “We of course, though, need to make sure we reassure all sectors of the economy and all regions of the United Kingdom, which is why the Prime Minister is up in Scotland today in the first of a series of visits around the Union.”In case you missed it, let's highlight the key section from that: "...all regions of the United Kingdom, which is why the Prime Minister is up in Scotland today."
Scotland is not, in fact, a region. Scotland is a nation. But here, Raab makes the Tory mindset clear – on the day Johnson is north of the Border talking about the importance of the Union.

You can of course substitute   Wales for Scotland  (and double it) to see how Tories in England and unfortunately at home see Wales .

Scotland response is clear. They will leave the  "Precious Union and if Wales is left behind, then in only a few years will cease to sen as Nation  not even as a region divided up  between the North West and South West of England.

Our only Indent would exist as Rugby and Soccer Team.

For the "One Day Welsh men and Women", this might be sufficient , but those of us who want to be more than "Poor West Britons " then being "Indy Curious ", must develop rapidly and for those who are politicians in Unionist Parties then they  particular need to start expressing it now.

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