Saturday, 10 August 2019

I have nothing left to suggest how to stop Brexit.

I am afraid that I have come to the conclusion that Prime Minister Johnson, is determined to drive the Brexit Bus off the cliff and we are helpless to stop it.

Even if we were to do so many of those behind brexit, will not be too despondent, because it gives them the opportunity  of claiming  that Britain and Brexit would be stabbed in the back.

Certainly the idea that MPs can form a  coalition of "national unity" at Westminster, even if it was successful in stopping Brexit would only have a limited time to call a Second Referendum .

Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Evans may have our interest at heart by saying "Sensible Labour MPs" must put party self-interest aside and work with other opposition members to prevent a no-deal Brexit,"  but the chances are slim.
The BBC report that,
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would not step down to allow a coalition of "national unity" at Westminster.
Mr McDonnell pledged to "move heaven and Earth to stop a no-deal Brexit".
But Plaid's Jonathan Edwards said Labour's "refusal to work across party lines" increased the risk of no deal.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the UK will leave the EU on 31 October, with or without a deal.
His government has a working majority of just one in Parliament, with the backing of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, after the Conservatives lost last week's Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.
A number of Conservative MPs have said they will do everything possible to prevent the UK leaving the European Union without agreeing its terms of departure.
Interviewed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earlier this week, Mr McDonnell said Mr Corbyn would "never" step down if other opposition parties demanded it as a condition of creating a temporary coalition to request a further extension to the UK's departure date.
He said: "It won't happen. I think we'd form a minority government, seek to implement our manifesto and we'd expect the other opposition parties and other MPs to vote for those policies and if they don't we'll go back to the country." 
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Mr Edwards said Mr Johnson's government was "intent on using any trick necessary to run down the clock".
Plaid Cymru warned forcing a general election, by MPs passing a no-confidence motion in the government, could lead to a no-deal Brexit "by default", as the campaign period would be likely to extend beyond 31 October.
"It is completely unclear as to how Labour are proposing to stop no deal if they are opposed to the only other viable way - a temporary cross-party alliance," Mr Edwards said.
"A no deal will have disastrous consequences for the economy, jobs and our communities.
"Whether they believe their own spin or they really are delusional, Labour are increasing the risk of a no deal because of their refusal to work across party lines."

It is part of the nature of the Labour Party  that it must be seen as the  leader a government  or opposition , the presence of Jeremy Corbyn does not change that . 

If there was someone who was to lead a government of National Unity , then it would have to be someone who is not currently part of the leadership of any party currently in the House of Commons. Ken Clark has be mentioned

Then what a coupon election  like the The British general election of December 1918. Its name comes from the ‘coupon’, a letter of commendation from party whips, which was issued to Liberal and Conservative candidates who supported the continuation of the wartime coalition under Lloyd George, where a National Unity candidate would receive REMAIN  support .

Almost certainly there would be a LEAVE  coupon and the result is uncertain.

I am writing this with the the realisation, that I moving towards  ever since the Leave Referendum.

All I can say is that the only choice for Wales from the aftermath of said catastrophe, will be Independence .

That does not mean that  I welcome this as means of achieving a life long dream, the pain our people will go through will be great , and the price far to high.


Gwyn Isaac said...

The record of the Remainer Tory MPs in voting against Brexit in the voting lobbies of the House of Commons is lamentable. Rather like the Grand Old Duke of York marching his men to the top of the hill then marching them down again. Or, All Mouth and No Trousers, as the saying goes. Also, given this Tory Remainer voting record it is quite likely that the diehard Labour Brexiteer MPs like Dennis Skinner will give Johnson his majority by outvoting Dominic Grieve, Ken Clarke and the rest of the sensible Tory Remainer MPs. And under constitutional law Johnson's Brexit Coup may succeed. However, if it were Corbyn as a Brexiteer PM then the Deep State would topple him from power. Look what happened to the Labour Party PM of Australia, Gough Whitlam in 1975 and the rumours around that time of am impending coup against Labour Party PM in the UK, Harold Wilson before he suddenly resigned in 1976. Also in the 1980s, Thatcher as Tory PM initially got a ban on right wing former spook, Peter Wright's book Spy Catcher aboout the Deep State versus Wilson.

Alan Morrison said...

Corbyn wants Johnson to take the UK out of the EU with No Deal. The subsequent economic upheaval will help Labour win any post Brexit general election and once in power Corbyn will open negotiation with the EU and join the EEA, or some other compromise, thereby improving the economy, strengthening the £ and be the saviour of the UK.