Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What we need is an International Disaster Response Force".

The news that Britain and the US are sending warships to help relief efforts in the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan left thousands dead. is very welcome it is certainly preferable to using the military in politicly motivated interventions like Afghanistan or Iraq.
The Philippine government have raised the official death toll to 1,744 on Tuesday, but the figure is expected to climb drastically, with authorities estimating that the storm killed 10,000 or more across a vast region of the country, and displaced about 660,000 others.
David Cameron said HMS Daring, which carries equipment to make drinking water from seawater, would provide humanitarian assistance and flights from its onboard helicopter. At least one Boeing C-17 military transport aircraft would be allocated to move humanitarian aid to areas that are most in need and hardest to reach, the prime minister said.
"HMS Daring, currently deployed near Singapore, will shortly be heading at full speed towards the disaster zone with further support from an RAF C-17 which will be a powerful help to the relief operation," Cameron told a dinner attended by business leaders in London.
HMS Daring is expected to reach the area in five days and the C-17 within the next few days. About 200 military personnel will be involved.
Britain has swiftly ratcheted up its response to the devastating typhoon Haiyan, bringing its contribution since the disaster struck to £10m.
But in a world where we need to respond to disasters is it not about time that the Nations of the world got together and created a permanent" International Disaster Response Force".
For Instance The European could create such a Force consisting of seconded or ex-military  personal together with other trained  and professional members who are permanently based  and consisting of some  3000 men and Women  25% full time and the rest  on a equivalence with the Territorial Army and women  drawn from every member of the EU based on population so the UK would contribute about 200 

They would serve for 5 years and at the end return to they country Trained  prepared to respond to situations at home bur also available to rejoin the Intentional Disaster Response Force.
I would suggest  a neutral country such as the Republic of Ireland.
Based near a Airport for example Shannon in the Republic of Ireland  it would have Transport Planes permanently based there and access to shipping. and helicopters and other vehicles  necessary for a swift and effective deployment.
The force would  be available to respond to Disaster 24/7 , be trained in aspects of aid and have links to the Red Cross and similar organisations.
Similar deployments could be made in North and South America,  Asia and Australasia.
The cost compared to military budgets would be minimal.

Would it not be a better world where the norm would be for people seeing a man or Women entering their village  immediately realise this is not  occupying force but people who are going to help them through their. disaster.

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