Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Carwyn: An Apology.

There was I thinking that our beloved First Minister was the sort of man who given the opportunity to build a Greenhouse decided that he is harpy with a Window box and even but then can't decide what to put in it.

That was until I read Click on Wales and Adam Ramsay analyses the constitutional positioning of "the man he thinks the most talented senior Labour politician in the UK", and I realised how mistaken I've been.

Like hell i have!. Its one of the biggest loads of tosh the Institute of Welsh Affairs have placed on their blog.

I can only assume they do this to prevent accusation of being proto-nationalists.

Ramsay, who puts forward his argument without any real evidence ,seems to be living in a fantasy world

Just look at his final words.

...: Carwyn Jones is, I think by some way, the most talented senior Labour politician in the UK. Were the SNP facing him, their prospects would be very different: while Scottish Labour have been crushed by the SNP, Welsh Labour under him and his predecessor Rhodri Morgan, has thrived.
More significantly, it’s worth considering this comparison. The Mayor of London is regularly tipped to be the next leader of the Conservative party. I suspect you can name him without me prompting. The First Minister of Wales has much more power than the Mayor. While his metropolitan opposite number is playing around with bikes, Carwyn Jones is genuinely bending the UK’s future to his – and his people’s – will. He is younger than Boris, and has achieved remarkable electoral success through the darkest days his party has known. Yet you won’t find anyone tipping him in any discussion of future UK Prime Ministers. If we want to understand how warped UK politics is towards London, think for a moment about the assertion I started with. Most people haven’t heard of Carwyn Jones.

The reason most people haven't heard of Carwyn is that he has presided over an administration that is content to do little to rock the boat  and hope that blame for the dire state of the Welsh economy will be placed entirely  on the Con/Libdem government in Westminster. 

As the only Labour leader in the UK he could have provided an alternative vision to the Tory led attack on the welfare state admittedly limited  but we get nothing.

But he has reduced the Assembly to simply working out how to spend Westminster's pocket money. Morning that he hasn't got enough but offering no real dynamism or alternative.

Click on Wales tell us that Adam Ramsay is Co-Editor of OurKingdom where this article first appeared. (and should have remained He also works with Bright Green? Before he was a full time campaigner with People & Planet?

I can see nothing to show Mr Ramsey has any real insight into our First Minister or knowledge of our Assembly.

It all looks like wishful thinking on his part . But does show the state of "Her Majesties Opposition" in Westminster that people have to turn to the lethargic Labour government in Cardiff for any inspiration.


I have been having trouble when replying to comments to this Blog which have included some justified criticism. For some reason blogspot is preventing me from doing so . Sorry

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