Saturday, 30 November 2013

What if it was England prepossessing to leave the UK?

I was inspired  to write this after reading this on the tongue in cheek blog  National Collective.

For it begs the question  if it was England who wished to leave the Union what questions would the  media be asking.

Its not that far fetched. Supposing in 2017 in the European Referendum England voted to leave but the vote to stay in was largely won by Wales,Scotland and Ireland saying yes.

There could be call led by Ukip for England to leave the UK in order that it can leave the EU.

So the question then would not be whether England could stay in the EU but what was left as a rump. Wales,Scotland and Northern Island could ?

After all they would be in the same position as what was left of the UK if Scotland voted Yes.

Would we be told we have to reapply for membership  because it is England that is the major state even though it was they who chose to leave?

Perhaps we can ask this admittedly theoretical question of the EU commission?

After li the idea of a United Kingdom of England and Scotland suggest a marriage of equals.

So if it is England that decides to leave then shouldn't they be asked the same questions of who will get what and who gets the Bank of England, BBC etc.

Shouldn't as National Collective point out the UK assests should be transfered to Scotland.
The UK’s Central Bank, currently the Bank of England, will be renamed the Bank of Scotland.  Revenues from Britain’s natural resources will flow to the Exchequer in Edinburgh, which will issue ‘block grants’ to the rest of the UK (in respect of England’s larger contribution they will receive a slightly higher gran

OK maybe Science Fantasy but when you consider it it proves that a Union of Equals  is a myth and the argument over whether Scotland can stay in the European Union is based not that Scotland is currently a country in partnership with the other nations of the UK but a vassal state. 

Yes or No the Scottish Independence referendum will show that the idea of a Union of Equals is a misnomer 

It is a United Kingdom of England and its Vassal States 

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