Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another raft of Anti-Union legislation on the way?

It is begining  to look like the Tories may be using the current dispute in Falkirk over claims of vote-rigging in the  constituency party in an attempt to secure the selection of Unite's favoured candidate for parliament.and thhat union's involvement over the proposal, to close Grangemouth  to prepare another range oof Anti-Union legislation

 David Cameron has ordered an inquiry into the tactics of the trade unions in the wake of the bitter industrial dispute which almost led to the closure of the Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland.

Downing Street said the wide-ranging review, headed by Bruce Carr QC, will investigate allegations of the use of so-called "leverage" tactics by the unions as well as the impact of such disputes on the critical national infrastructure.

Which looks like it going o be one sided and regard the Unions as the only combatant in the dispute.

However, in a sign of renewed coalition tensions, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable made clear he had only agreed to the inquiry on the basis that it would also examine the practises of employers, such as the "blacklisting" of workers.

But I doubt that will be the focus of this enquiry

The Unite union dismissed the review as a "Tory election stunt" and warned that no trade union would be prepared to "collaborate" with it.

The review follows claims that Unite sought to intimidate executives from Ineos, the refinery's owners, including sending "mobs" of demonstrators to protest outside their homes and premises associated with Ineos chairman, Jim Ratcliffe.

There does not seem to be any case that the inquiry may look at the case that Ineos manufactured the dispute tin order to break the Union at the refinery. Something that they succeeded in doing.

Even those of us who clearly see the Ani-Union bias of our media, should  admit that Unite's  Len McCluskey has not played his cards well and has let his members down badly.

But for Cameron to use to implement Thatcherite Union bashing and fail to look at employers  intimidation of their workforce especially of those standing up for their fellow workers shows that there is one side Cameron and the Tories will listen to and its not the often exploited workforce.

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