Wednesday, 13 November 2013

David Davies to the youth of Wales: Get a MacJob in London

David Davies the MP for Monmouth has managed to get into into the headlines with his call to put 'Put feckless fathers in chains and make them work to pay back society
I presume he means that only poorer family's  and not the likes of Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson who of course has a "Love Child" rather a Illegitimate one 

In a similar manner Both Johnson and David Cameron were member of the Bullingdon Club whose behaviour would be dismissed as "Youthful High Spirits" by other Tories whilst similar behaviour from working class kids is "Mindless hooliganism".

Turning to another example  Mr Davies said:

 "I also met a young couple, a teenage couple, 17 years old, neither of whom had ever worked in their lives, (err they are 17 you idiot" )they were in a two or a one-bedroom flat and were being expected to suffer some inconvenience, perhaps move into a studio flat.
"And again I say to the ministers on my front-bench, you are being far too generous in many instances. Why should the state be paying for two people to set up in, frankly, a teenage love nest.
"And I got into a lot a of trouble because I suggested to the young man that perhaps he should go out and find a job himself. And he said there weren't any... I said, 'Well why don't you move to where the work is' and I immediately ran into a whole load of criticism for that.
"I even had someone email me here. He said, 'You're a Christian, you should be serving the Lord, one day you will stand by the Lord and account for this hardship'.
"And I wrote back and said, 'I read my bible, I don't see anywhere in the bible where it says 17 year olds should be given a flat but I see plenty of examples of people who have had to move for a better way of life, whether it was Abraham going off to the Promised Land or Moses or the disciples who toured all over Europe'. They all moved."
Talking about opportunities in and around Victoria railway station in London, he said: "In Victoria station, which is a prime bit of expensive real estate, you've got your Boots, your Costa Coffee and your Starbucks.
"There's actually an office there which is recruiting people to go and work for Pret A Manger. So I went in there the other day, last week, there were 100 vacancies in Pret A Manger in central London.
"People were waiting to take people on. Young people with an attitude with an ability to go out and do a bit of work can find a job no problem whatsoever and I don't think we should be supporting them in the way we are."

So that his solution. Move to London get a "Macjob" and hang on a minute  where will they live probably like many employed in Macjobs in London many who are immigrants live in squalid overcrowd flats because that all they can afford.

Mr Davies is a MP from Wales. He should be fighting for decent well payed jobs here not persuading 17 year old to move to London and be exploited by pimps and drug pushers,  or live out a meagre existence serving posh sandwiches to the likes of him and barely being able to afford to live in overcrowded accommodation on some "Sink Estate" travelling daily to service their Tory masters.

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Cibwr said...

There are those that think that David Davies should be subject of a preservation order. His views are positively medieval.