Tuesday, 5 November 2013

R.C.T seemed to have hired Sir Humphrey to conduct Cuts "Consultation."

I was not so naive that I thought  the "Consultation Period" over the savage cuts that Rhondda Cynon Taf  (R,C.T.) are proposing including the closure of the Day care centre and Library in my own village of Beddau will be anything but a sham democracy.

But I was still shocked to the extent that those setting the questionnaire is skewed to  lead people to appear to be backing the proposals

From the start page people find themselves led to agree with the way the council are going about the cuts.

Someone at RCT seems to have taken a lesson from "Yes Prime Minister and Sir Humphrey's explaining toBernard on how to conduct Opinion Polls.

People should still take part in this if only to leave a comment at the end but it seems that a council that is imposing cuts have gone to the great expense of conducting a survey designed to give the result they want  to give a fig leaf to democracy.

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