Sunday, 10 November 2013

West Papua and Scotland: Labour Unionist Hypocrisy?

Those of you who regularly read the Blog Left Foot Forward (LFF)and support a yes vote in Scottish Independence referendum, will be frustrated that a seemingly progressive left Blog reads like a Labour Unionist attack page when it comes to this issue.

But it seems the claims for self determination is to be denied  by LFF for only  the Nations of the United Kingdom.

So its interesting to see LFF taking up arms for the people of West Papua

In an article "West Papua – the forgotten occupation" Tom Tyler draws attention to this conflict.

From his opening paragraph it seems that (although I don't know where he individualy stands on Scottish or Welsh Independence) LFF have a hypocritical attitude to Self Determination.
West Papua
LFF backs this Nationl Flag should fly over an Independent West Papua
A great tragedy of the break-up of European colonial empires was clumsy partitioning, with little or no regard to ethnic, linguistic or cultural divisions. This was scarcely more evident than with the abuses seen in the Indonesian territory of West Papua

And yet, for Scottish or Welsh Nationalist to even breath the words  "linguistic or cultural divisions" even if they have long rejected the ethnic argument. They are accused of narrow minded Nationalism and sometime smeared with accusation of Fascism.
But LFF oppose this should not fly over an Independent Scotland

Why can a Blog on LFF support West Papuan aspirations  and not that of Scotland?

Can the only reason to support Self Determination be that they are under the cosh of an authoritarian regime?

Once again Labour Unionist prove their Hypocrisy.

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