Monday, 4 November 2013

Does Peter Hain have a Solar powered Tanning Machine?

Yesterday Sunday Mirror report that 340 MPs get their energy bills paid on EXPENSES to heat second homes - with one Conservative Nadhim Zahawi claiming £5,822 has caused outrage .

The full list of claims is here

But its not just Tories and interest here is focused on Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain claimed the most, billing the taxpayer £4,571 for his electricity and heating oil in his Neath constituency, three times the cost of the average household energy bill.

Two other Welsh MPs claimed more than £1,000 for the second home energy bills, Rhondda MP Chris Bryant who claimed £1,626.30 and Blaenau Gwent MP Nick Smith, who claimed 1,326.61.

Nine Welsh MPs did not bill the taxpayer for their energy costs. Five Welsh MPs claimed between £600 and £999 while 10 claimed between £300 and £600.

In his defence (defence!) Mr Hain said he had no choice over the expense as the property only uses a certain type of heating oil.

He said:

It seems Peter Hain at least runs his Tanning Machine of Solar power
“I have spent £8,000 putting in solar panels at my own expense and my electricity bill is one of the lowest. But where I live means I can only use this type of heating oil, which is also true for a lot of my constituents. This one is not my choice.
“Everything I have claimed has been within the rules. I need to have a second home in order to do my job. This has all been properly done.”

Firstly does the rest of his family live in the house full time if they do then its not a second home but his permanent place of residence.

If not if he only uses the home when he visits his Neath constituency then he only sees it as the place thaqt gets him onto the green seats of the House of Commons and it could be anywhere .

He and his type don't "represent" their constituency it is only there as convenience.

Secondly Mr Hain unlike most of us can afford to chose where he lives in Neath and he chooses to live in a area where it appears only a certain type of heating oil can be used but it be interesting to ask his neighbours how they cope.

Politician from al Parties have highlighted the cost of utilities bills recrently  but it seems they have no real experience of the true cost

Perhaps Peter Hain and the rest of our elected representatives should spend th winter doing he same as many constituents who will be only using one one room for most of the day because they can't afford to heat the rest of the house.

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