Friday, 10 April 2015

Trident Labour and Tories are both in a phony war.

What the manufactured row between the Tories and Labour over Trident renewal shows that they are as they are in many policies in accord.

This could mea nthat after May rather than the SNP putting Ed Miliband into NO 10 . Labour will  at least for a period ensure David Cameron continues as Prime Minister.

Let us suppose  the result of GE2015 leaves the Tories with the Lt not enough for a majority . The LibDems have enough seats to give them a Coalition Majority  but they are temporally without a leader (Nick Clegg having lost his seat )  and there is no desire to take part in another toxic coalition

Nevertheless Cameron possibly with the support of the DUP presses on as Prime  Minister.

On the first Queen Speech Trident and a in out EU referendum plays a prominent role  but the rest of the speech is somewhat moderate 

Plaid and the SNP ,Greens  and Plaid together with the LibDems vote against it.

Labour however abstain citing that there is no desire  for another election.

Basically Labour bide their time until after the EU election  whatever the result they bring forward a Vote of no Confidence.

After all despite Michael Fallon announcing that the conservatives' manifesto will have a commitment to build four new nuclear missile-armed submarines,  and  accosting Labour of using the nuclear deterrent as a "bargaining chip" with the SNP, Ed Miliband  has said Labour was committed to renewing the Trident system.
Labour will be hoping that the SNP  vote in Scotland is soft but will be wary that they are sen as wining to much for Scotland after the Election.
It is not in the interest  of either Labour or the Conservatives to allow a Progressive alternative for voters that may spill over into England to offer an alternative even from a vocal minority of MPs.
There may be even actually gert  a Grand Coalition as exists in Germany particularly from pro EU members of both parties.
But in reality Labour could if not he largest Part simply spend their time making gesture votes whilst keeping a eye on the polls .


    Sorry to go off topic, but have you seen that Huw Thomas, Labour Party candidate for Ceredigion and leading critic of Mike Parker, has been revealed as advocating criminal damage against cars sporting the English Flag. I look forward to Hain etc condemning this and demanding that Thomas be deselected.

  2. I delayed publishing this comment and a previous one on the same topic until I verified this story.I don't want to go into mud slinging .But oh the irony!