Saturday, 18 April 2015

Labour already planing on Coalition with party whose aim is to break up union.

Despite the fact that both Plaid and the SNP have ruled out entering into a coalition with Labour after May 7th. last Thursday's TV debate saw Ed Miliband claiming  they had "profound differences" and said he could not be in coalition with a party leader who wanted to break up the Union.

But is this not hypocrisy? If after GE2015 Labour find itself in Government  then The SDLP whose  platform advocates Irish unification, and the further devolution of powers while Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom will probably ad they did in the Blair -Brown government accept  even informally  (whatever that means) the Labour Whip and sit on the Government benches.

Historically, there has been strong support for a united Ireland within the left of the Labour Party, and in the 1980s it became official policy to support a united Ireland by consent. The policy of "unity by consent" continued into the 1990s, eventually being replaced by a policy of neutrality in line with the Downing Street Declaration.

So is being neutral over an United Ireland sufficient to effectively form a coalition with the SDLP whose aims is as I say to break up the Union.
Does not seeking Irish Unification mean breaking up the Union .? (OK bad wording but you know what I mean)..

As far as I know the SDLP  have already been pencilled in by Labour Strategist into their calculations.
Unlike the Greens Plaid and the SNP  the SDLP do not seem to have joined the Anti-Austerity agenda by saying that they would not prop up a Labour Government who will carry on with the Tory/LibDen cuts.

With members of the Progressive Bloc possibly likely to exceed 50 MPs  . Why doesn't the SDLP adopt the same tactic and join them rather than be non=entities  on the government benches?

Would not it see them starting to reverse their long term decline Sinn Féin whose absenteeism from the next Parliament is often ignored when it comes to the magical figure of a party or coalition passing the magical figure necessarily to get a overall majority?

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  1. Not only is the SDLP interested in breaking up the union it is anti trident as the quote below shows
    SDLP leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell has reasserted the SDLPs commitment to cutting the renewal of the nuclear deterrent programme Trident. Dr McDonnell said that any future Labour Government relying on SDLP support must reflect the considerable opposition to maintaining Trident in the devolved governments.