Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Pontyclun Hustings (Pontypridd Consituency)

Last Night I went the the hustings in Pontyclun   for the Pontprisdd  Consistency which was well attended  and well run perhaps a little bit to much . Well. I do like a bit of an argument

Before hand we were given a brief outline of some of the candidates stand  on the issues which were to cone up

So how did they do
Socialist Labour Party
Damien Biggs
Not bad. A bit of a relic of the "Nationalise everything past" but started by rightly blaming everything on the Bankers  and attacking the Government Austerity program 6/10

Katy Clay
Sorry to say disappointing  well of her brief and completely out of her depth . If there were any undecided voters was the least likely to swing anyone her way 2/10

Plaid Cymru
Osian Lewis

Made his case well  and knew his brief . Was sorry to here him use the line "We are to poor for Independence now but work for it  in the future" . With more experience will undoubtedly be a excellent candidate 7/10

Ann-Marie Mason

Being  a former Labour councillor from Bristol  may behind her somewhat being  confused on Tory Policy her Pro-Frracking  stand did not go down well and she came of second best in aa argument with a member of the audience  which was the highlight of the evening 5/10

Esther Pearson

The candidate did not turm up due to a family crisis . Her replacement however  was probably the Star of the night well briefed on Austerity  and its causes probably the best reformer on the night  so it was ironic he was not standing 8/10

Liberal Democrat
Mike Powell

How are the mighty fallen  pushed Labour last time with a swing of 13.3 but last night lost the audience and looked kike a boxer who had one fight to many 3/10

Owen Smith

Preformed as well as you expect from a shadow Cabinet Minister .  His cal for further devolution looked hollow  however. With a constant  argument to preserve the Union  seemed to think Plaid were the biggest threat 7/10

Andrew Tomkinson

Did not up and sent no replacement  0/10

So only Plaid, Labour,and the TUSC were probably briefed well enough to encourage someone to  vote for them.

But on this it looks like it may be a tussle between Plaid and Labour  when it comes to voting

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