Sunday, 5 April 2015

Memogate shows Unionist will go to any smear SNP.

The "Zinoviev Letter" was a controversial document published by the British press four days before the general election in 1924. It purported to be a directive from the Communist International in Moscow to the Communist Party of Great Britain. It said the resumption of diplomatic relations (by a Labour government) would hasten the radicalization of the British working class. The letter took its name from the apparent signature of a senior Soviet official Grigory Zinoviev. The letter seemed authentic at the time but historians now believe it was a forgery. It called for intensified communist agitation in Britain. 

Historians now agree that the letter had little impact on the Labour vote—which held up in 1924. However, it aided the Conservative Party in hastening the collapse of the Liberal party that led to the Conservative landslidearty.

Now er have a modern version in the allegation in the Telegraph  that SNP leader  Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader, has privately said that she would "rather see" David Cameron win the general election because Ed Miliband is not “prime minister material”, a leaked memorandum seen by The Telegraph has revealed.
The SNP leader told the French Ambassador in February that she would prefer that "David Cameron remain” in Downing Street, according to an official account of their conversation seen by this newspaper.

Except of course 
  • The SNP has categorically denied it. 
  • The French Consul General has categorically denied it.
  •  The author of the memo expresses doubt about the central claim.
  •  The Telegraph failed to contact any of the relevant parties for reaction or comment before publishing – a telltale sign that a journalist lacks confidence in his or her supposed newsline.

This has not stopped opposition Parties still running with the story .

Our own Peter Black has contributed  his piece
It seems that Ms Sturgeon hasn’t yet worked out that ambassadors gossip like fishwives, and anything confessed on the diplomatic circuit would be all around London fairly soon.
But this is more than just an embarrassment to Sturgeon, for two reasons. First, on 8 May, the SNP may well be in a position to choose who gets to be Prime Minister: if it refuses to support Ed Miliband this may put in David Cameron by default.
And second, the SNP is about to supplant Labour in dozens of seats across Scotland precisely because it is posing as a tartan version of Labour. A party that loathes the Tories even more than Labour does, so Labour voters can support the SNP without having to worry about another five years of David Cameron.
All concerned are denying it of course but there is no doubting that having an Old Etonian in No.10 Downing Street suits the SNP’s wider purpose. After all, opinion polls in Scotland show that the main desired outcome of the Scottish people is an SNP/Labour deal. If this Scotland gets that then the demand for independence will wane. And that is not good news for the SNP.
And yet it is a legitimate story that has put the SNP on the defensive. And let's face it, whatever the SNP say publicly we all know that it will suit their agenda better to have Cameron in No.10 than Miliband. That is why the story has gained traction.
Its rather like someone accused of a crime even though there no evidence against them facing society saying "There's no smoke without fire" even after they have been comprehensively cleared.

Peter Black is is alone with this along with Labour MPs and MSP the BBC

reporter James Cook chose to i end of his piece to camera, saying that there were“definitely” people in the SNP who would prefer to see a Tory government

My Old Coleg Harlech tutor Neil Evans  once told me that he didn't so much believe in conspiracy theory as The Cock Up theory".

This does look like a almighty Cock Up but  with politicians including Peter Black and the rest who are still using this story  willing to still run with it .

 We are entitled to ask how many lies and innuendo is the prepared to go along with in order to save  the Union or even their Party's  seats.


  1. Really disappointed with Peter Black.

  2. My mate Bob's Granny was told by her neighbour, who heard it from the local Councillor, who had it on good authority from their MP, that Ed Milliband doesn't know his arse from his elbow.

    Labour, Lib Dem and Tory politicians are so far removed from the truth they even believe their own lies - 'go get 'em Nicola'.

  3. Smear and fear. I'm not supprised the Unionist cabal is resorting to this tactic, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have really got them rattled.

  4. cock up? you 'cannot be serious' glyn? the memo is a complete fabrication.

    This murky episode has the british intelligence services finger prints all over it. And not just us at GD saying that - check out craig murray's blog.

    1. Well it looks like the cocked it up GD

  5. Just for information the first three paragraphs of the extract from my blog are not me, they are a quotation from the New Statesman.

    For the record I believe that somebody concluded that it was in the SNP's best interest for the Tories to win and communicated that. By the time the memo was written it had been transmuted into a conversation with Nicola Sturgeon.

    It is a legitimate story simply because the memo exists, though really they should have asked for comment from Sturgeon before publishing it. It is also legitimate for me to comment on it. In doing so I have not implied that the allegation is true, just that it exists.

    There is no doubt in my view that another Tory Government will suit the cause of Scottish independence. That does not mean that the SNP think such an outcome is desirable.

    1. "And let's face it, whatever the SNP say publicly we all know that it will suit their agenda better to have Cameron in No.10 than Miliband."
      Sorry Peter, but this statement from you in the comments section of your blog rather undermines your final sentence above.

    2. Mr Black, excuse my French, but that is complete balls!

    3. I'd say a black mark for Peter on this one too.

    4. It appears it's not only ambassadors who gossip like fishwives Mr Black. Look forward to reading your apology to Nicola Sturgeon.

  6. Guilty until proved innocent is the view taken by those who have accused Nicola Sturgeon, following the Telegraph story.

    Despite denials by Nicola, the Consul and Ambassador the story continues to be pedalled by those who will benefit most from discrediting her and the SNP.

    Whilst the 'dirty tricks' brigade are unlikely to care about the fallout caused by this blatant untruth, those politicians who have jumped on the Telegraph bandwagon have done nothing to enhance their own reputation.

    1. That's why it is so sad to see Peter Black numbered amongst them.