Friday, 17 April 2015

Sisters are doing it for the rest of us.

Two Photographs sum up Last night debate

The first saw the fact that three of the participants were as one

But if you think Ed Miliband looks Isolated ?

As far as the debate went I thought Leanne she laid some blow on both Miliband and Farage very well but of course suffers from the fact Nicola Sturgeon wil get the headlines.

Leanne was not calculating on wining over Middle England voters but those in Wales and it s a tactic which may well proof effective

The Important thing for Plaid is that they come out as players in GE2015 and not marginalised as they were in 2010 when not being included in the leaders debate cost them and the SNP votes.

According to the Survation post-debate poll Miliband won
.Miliband - 35% 
Sturgeon - 31%
 Farage - 27%
 Bennett - 5% 
Wood - 2%

But remember Sturgeon,Wood and Benet were  more or less speaking with one voice as the above picture show Sturgeon is by far the most experienced debater.

If you add the three together the you get 38% for those carrying the Anti-Austerity message.

Giving Leanne 7/10 the Wasting Mule somewhat begrudgingly says
She had effective and memorable lines to land on Ed Miliband – challenging him to hold an emergency Budget, give Wales a better funding deal and asking how nuclear weapons could help defeat Islamic extremists. She is not daunted in front of UK-wide audience and this was a publicity coup for her party.
She could have landed her Labour lines with more force; her denunciation of Nigel Farage carried much more bite. But there are electoral calculations here; like Ms Sturgeon, she is in a battle to win over voters on the left – many of whom will have voted Labour most of their lives – and persuade them that her party is their real home

The Problem for Plaid now is with those who did not see the debate and who will be influenced by the Unionist Media coverage .

So far BBC Wales coverage on the "Breakfast" programme where they are allowed to give a few minutes  of Welsh News every hour have failed to mention Leanne Wood and are no different  from  their London Masters.

But it could only been a positive move for Leanne who has received more prominence than any Plaid Leader. We shall see if it  leads to an increase in the pols?

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  1. It’s in Plaid Cymru interests to portray Leanne Wood’s performance last night in a positive light but in truth she and Natalie Bennett were a side show. Nicola Sturgeon and Ed Milliband were head and shoulders above them both and on last night alone it’s easy to see why Plaid Cymru are in 4th place and going nowhere while the SNP and Scotland are motoring to independence.