Wednesday, 29 April 2015

More evidence of Lib Dem Duplicity (and not a very clever attempt at that)

I wonder considering their standing in the Polls if the Liberal Democrat are using their "Little Bar Charts" .

You know Only the LibDems can beat TheTories, Labour, ,Plaaid or whoever is the incumbent.

Often misleading  and distorted  they are usually a plea for tactical voting.

They can be successful in some constituencies but would they work in this election?

No matter . Just claim your candidate is going to win anyway.

But as Blog Menai has discovered thy are not exactly being original.

In two neighbouring Constituencies  despite no evidence from any polling they claim their candidates  are going t win and their opponents are losing ground.

They even managed to find two voters to come up with identical quotes,

The only difference between the two front pages seems to be in Ceredigion they are attacking Plaid and in Montgomeryshire their former Tory allies

If I was conducting the campaign  for Plaid or the Conservatives  I would copy the above Photo and put out a special leaflet  pointing out the similarity between the two  and asking .

"Can you really trust the Liberal Democrats to tell the Truth?"


  1. Thanks for this. It's a real scandal!

  2. has anyone told Martin Shipman at the WM? + Daily Post too?