Saturday, 25 April 2015

At least Carwyn admitted Plaid are a progressive party.

Labour's Welsh Leader (or is he) Carwyn Jones has come out of his enforced  purdah  by  urging Plaid Cymru and other “progressive” voters to back Labour in the general election to ensure David Cameron is removed from Downing Street.

It shows that Labour are getting desperate that they are prepared  to admit Plaid are a progressive  party

The First Minister: said....

“In every constituency I’ve visited in Wales someone has told me they’re coming back to Labour after years of voting for other parties – or they’re saying they are lending us our vote this time to kick out the Tories.
" A progressive alliance of Welsh voters is building up and we want more people to join.
'Don't split progressive vote'
“The vast majority of voters, up to 75% of them in Wales, will be going to the polls in less than two weeks with one big thing in common – they want an end to Tory rule at Westminster.
"But many of them are going to wake up disappointed if we let the Tories in the backdoor by splitting the progressive vote where Welsh Labour can win.
So to avoid a government intent on replacing trident, carrying on the austerity programme, being cutting  welfare  we should vote for  a party er  that is intent on trident, carrying on the austerity programme, being cutting  welfare  

Labour should wake up to the fact that people are considering voting foe the Progressive Bloc  of  Plaid SNP,Greens and  Mebyon Kernow because they reject the idea that voting for a Party that carry's on with similar policies (albeit watered down)  simply because they are not the Tories '

In 1997 people with the same views were cheering every Labour  defeat of a Tory candidate and were pleased to see Tony Blair enter Number 10 .

Only to find that Blair was as much an heir of Thatcher as John Major . Indeed he was worse, sacrificing British servicemen and Women in ill advised interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan,  in order to enhance his standing on the World stage.

We don;t  need to vote for the   Red Tories  because the alternative of a Tory government makes us fearful 

Scotland is showing us the way and a progressive Left of Centre party is going to make it hard Labour or the Tories to carry on the decades of Tatcherite policies  whether Tory,Red Tory, or Tory-LibDem.

We need as many from Wales  via Plaid , in England via the Greens or Cornwal via Mebyon Kernow  to aid them.

Waking up on May 8th to see Ed Miliband enter Number 10 is not enough we need to know he's going to listen to those who see an alternative to xenophobic right of centre parties.


  1. Desperate times require desperate measures.

    In Wales, Carwyn appeals to progressive 'Welsh' voters to help kick out the Tories and in Scotland Gordon Brown appeals to patriotic Scots to vote Labour.

    In the absence of any progress policies is this all Labour have to offer?

    After 5 years of Tory austerity, Labour should be sweeping into power at Westminster.

    How the mighty have fallen!

  2. Should have read 'progressive policies'

  3. In other words, send a message to London.