Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Plaid Leaflet for Ponty pretty good.

After Yesterdays Blog bemoaning the lack of Election Communications Lo and behold the Plaid leaflet has arrived and its pretty good. Fully Bilingual and well presented i can only hope most of the electors of Pontypridd see it before voting

If i have a quibble its that the font may be hard for people with poor vision to read

It reads well on the Anti-Austerity Agenda attacking the Bed-Room Tax and  calling for a Living Wage etc

It does slip into devolved issues by calling for 1000 more Doctors which even for the Assembly Elections  may be more of an aspiration rather than a policy.

It is perhaps the first time that an endorsement by the Party leader in this   Leanne Wood  will prove a major advantage over the other major parties.

She is after al the most popular party leader on Wales and has pushed her and the party's profile on to the major stagge like no Plaid leader has done before/

Indeed particularly in areas where Plaid are not strong getting Leanne on your leaflet could well be the most important part of it.

All in all a very good leaflet 9/10


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