Monday, 6 April 2015

Second Election leaflet again Labour

So far I have only had leaflets  from Labour for the Pomtypridd  one a Newspaper

 type  ( which I commented on here) and the main Royal Mail delivery leaflet.

This is aglossy well produced leaflet except for the absence of the Welsh Language.

It makes much of the Candidate Owen Smith's personality  which I can vouch for in that respect he's a great improvement on his predecessor  Kim Howells..

Re Elect/All- Etholwwch and LaboutLlafur is about as Bilingual as it it gets 

Welsh not British yesterday showed there is no such thing as Welsh Labour and it looks that Owen Smith agrees with him

Though the Invest in our Welsh NHS Campaign  is a bit out of Place as it is a devolved issue . Labour can be forgiven here as I bet a pound to a penny all leaflets from the other Parties (including Plaid0 . Will be promising  to invest in the NHS'

What is glaring missing is any mention of further powers for the Welsh Assembly  from the man who could be our next Secretary of State  for Wales (Or if it is abolished as I suspect for the Regions)

At least there no promise to control Immigration in and o pictures of the infamous Labour Mug
Ed Miliband's promise to control immigration has been used as an unlikely slogan for a £5 red mug on sale on the Labour website

Finally we have the endorsements . Most  Candidates have ordinary constituents endorsements but Owen goes a b bit further.

Why he and his party dragged up Niel Kinnock is anybodies guess  . To my knowledge Kinnock has no connection whatsoever with Pontypridd

The Piece on the Muni fails to mention that it was Labour run council who withdrew funds from the Muni and for the Labour party to claim any credit for its survival is sheer hypocrisy.

Owen is a big Ponty supporter but I don't know why that makes him a suitable candidate to represent us in Westminster (especially for those of us who support other local teams like eh Beddau)

Th local resident probably does point to his constituency  work . But then I recall a Catholic who was a Constituent of Ian Paisley Snr who said the old bigot had  worked very hard to resolve problem  and as he said he (Paisley)  knew i would never vote for him.

So a glossy and well produced leaflet that tells me little of what Labour intend to do if they get into power and offer Wales very little and totally ignores the Welsh Language. 6/10

On that point it would be interesting to see a Map of Wales where the parties are delivering Bilingual leaflets it might just show us how committed they are.


  1. Well, Wales' best Labour MP did refer to this individual as a "drug pusher".
    Expect him to oppose any further meaningful devolution of power.

  2. I now it spoils the joke by Paul Flynn, but is because heOwen Smith worked for the company that made viagra.But there's unlikely to be any raise from the limp assembly powers Rom him.