Monday, 27 April 2015

Plaid Candidate in Bilingual Leaflet Shock.

I'm still  awaiting election leaflets from Plaid,:Liberal Democrats, Greens, Socialist Labour  and TUSC with 10 days to go time is ruining out and those voting by post may well have done so before I receive them.

I know the Plaid leaflet has been delivered to some in Beddau so why has Royal Mail failed to reach the rest of us?

Anyway the Plaid Leaflet is of course Bilingual  surprisingly was the Tories (alas Labour failed in that respect(.

So it was infuriating to see the Blog Penarth Times attacking  a Plaid Candidate for having a Bilingual Leaflet.

Under the Banner


They attack is on the Plaid Candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth

The Plaid Cymru leaflet with the letter in Welsh from non-Welsh speaking candidate Ben Foday

They then feign surprise over this
The bi-lingual pamphlet, which includes both Welsh and English verions of  Foday’s personal letter to electors and is “signed” by him,  gives what some might say is a misleading impression that the Plaid Cymru candidate is Welsh-speaking.

In fact Ben Foday has publicly declared in a hustings meeting in St Mellons that, as a first generation immigrant, he does not speak Welsh –  but there is no rider to this effect in the pamphlet itself, nor is there any background information given on the candidate

The Blog then goes on to make a thinly disguised attack on Mr Foley history seemingly surprised that someone who came to Wales in 1982 should have played a role in Welsh public life.

they write 
However in a 30-year career Ben Foday appears to have picked up a raft of appointments on various public bodies and is said to have “worked in several fields including the management of social housing for 10 years before joining Newemploy (Wales) Ltd,a Community Voluntary Organisation, as director .  He served as a non-executive director of the old  Llandough Hospital and Community NHS Trust and was a  board member of long-dissolved Cardiff Bay Development Corporation.

One can only wonder what it is about Mr Foley Penarth Newa objects to.

After all they begrudgingly point our in a foot note,
 [PDN Note]  At this election the Labour Party has also included a Welsh-language letter which gives the impression of having been written by its canddate Stephen Doughty in some versions its election literature,. Some Conservative literature is also bi-lingual 

So why single out Ben ?

Maybe its because they think al Plaid members should be Welsh speakers

 The Welsh Language still has a particular resonance for Plaid Cymru because the party was originally founded to keep Wales Welsh-speaking –  and originally had the aim of making Welsh the official language of Wales.Although the Welsh Language is no longer the burning issue it once was, hundreds of monoglot English-speakers continue to find themselves excluded from senior positions in public organisations because they can’t speak Welsh – and compliance with the Welsh Language Act (legislation backed by Plaid Cymru)- still imposes huge costs on a wide variety of public organisations.
For some reason I think I prefer this diatribe to be part of an anti Welsh Language nut job rather than any other alternative, 



  1. Seems that great analyst of Scottish politics Bill McChapman's ridiculous comments have not gone unnoticed north o' the border.

  2. What a puerile piece of rubbish.

    Are they saying that only Welsh speakers should represent a political party if it chooses to uses Welsh on their election material, or if you don't speak Welsh don't use it to address those in the community for whom it is their preferred language.

    This is called bilingualism and it happens in many other countries.

    Next they'll be telling us they agree with Nick Griffin that there's “no such thing as a black Welshman”.

  3. I'm at a loss to see what the issue is.

    Ben Foday has been living in Wales for over 30 years. If he was a rugby player, he would qualify to play for Wales on residency. He is to be praised for taking an active role to improve the lot of his chosen home. That is a lot more than most people do. His choice of political party is his alone. If Plaid meets his requirements, then why not?
    The fact he has printed his leaflet bilingually shows he is aware that he needs to address Welsh speakers. Also good.
    It also proves that Plaid are not just pandering to Welsh speakers, by selecting a candidate who doesn not speak the language.
    The only bone of contention I would have, that having lived in Wales since 1982, he could have made some effort to learn some Welsh - at least to a conversational level. Perhaps he might well do so now?
    Good luck to him. I wish him the best of success.