Monday, 20 April 2015

Jeff Jones on Chaos after the election if SNP try to stop Austerity project

The Wasting Mule on  Kine has a opinion piece by Jeff ones former Labour Leader of Bridgend Council though the Mule doesn't seem to mention it.

They if you look do tel us Jeff runs Metier Consulting (whatever that is) but he does like to portray himself as political pundit if not am expert

His latest contribution is under the banner headline is.

General election 2015: a government that depends on Scottish Nationalist votes could be dangerous for us all

You don;t have to read ro far in to se what Jef realy wants on May 7th
The Labour leader has had a good campaign, according to most political pundits. In the TV debates he has been more impressive than Cameron, who seems to have adopted a lounge lizard approach to politics.To quote one commentator, Miliband’s “hunger to bring change was manifest” in the TV debates. In contrast Cameron seems to take power for granted, and looked as if he already had one eye on retirement before 2020.

He does state 
The Nationalists in both Scotland and Wales want to see not just an end to austerity but a UK Government spending billions more in Scotland and Wales. Both have also said that they will not support a Tory government even if the Tories are the largest party and have obtained the most votes on May 7.
He seems to have a short memory  
We are really heading for uncharted waters which could have a profound effect on the UK economy. The last time a nationalist party had this power was after the two elections of 1910 when the Irish Nationalists held the balance of power, kept the Liberals in office and ensured that Irish Home Rule dominated UK politics.
The General Election of February 1974 saw Labour on the most seats (301, which was 17 seats short of an overall majority) with the Conservatives on 297 seats, although the Conservatives had a larger share of the popular vote.

United Kingdom general election February 1974
PartyStandingElectedGainedUnseatedNet % of total %No.Net %
Conservative623297542- 3746.77137.911,872,180- 8.5
Labour6233013414+ 2047.40137.211,645,616- 5.9
Liberal5171480+ 82.20419.36,059,519+ 11.8
SNP70760+ 61.1022.0633,180+ 0.9
UUP7712- 11.1020.8232,103N/A
Plaid Cymru36220+ 20.3140.5171,374- 0.

Even the second election in October of the same year only saw a majority of 3

UK general election October 1974
PartyStandingElectedGainedUnseatedNet % of total %No.Net %
Labour623319202+ 1850.23639.211,457,079+ 2.0
Conservative622277222- 2043.62235.810,462,565- 2.1
Liberal6191312- 12.04718.35,346,704- 1.0
SNP711140+ 41.7322.9839,617+ 0.9
UUP7601- 10.9440.9256,065+ 0.1
Plaid Cymru36310+ 10.4720.6166,321+ 0.1
SDLP910000.6154,193+ 0.

Jef seems to be worried that a left leaning party may  actualy make changes to the Austerity project that the Con/LibDem Austerity programm has thrown on us for 5 years.

But it apears that is wories are not about Labour (is he stil a member.)

Political chaos after May 7 because of the irresponsible attitude of the SNP will affect all of us. Foreign investors and those who run the world money markets look for political stability when they advise their clients where to invest or which country’s bonds to buy.The economic recovery is still pretty fragile. Whoever forms a government will still need to make difficult and unpopular decisions. Whether it is Cameron or Miliband, they have to think of the long-term economic interests of all the UK and not give in to the fantasy demands of the SNP and their fellow travellers.Nicola Sturgeon might have been very impressive in the TV debates, but that’s easy when you play to the gallery and know that, unlike either Miliband or Cameron, you will never have to take the difficult decisions. The SNP’s record in Scotland isn’t that impressive, and let’s also not forget that government is easy when you don’t raise a penny in taxes and through the Barnett Formula receive billions more than you should from taxpayers in the rest of the UK.A messy political outcome giving the SNP an opportunity to play a role in who governs could really have a detrimental effect on how the money markets perceive the UK as a place to invest in. The SNP leadership might not care but the rest of us should.

It looks like Jeff wants Labour in power after May buut would rater have the Tories in Power to carry o the "Good Work". ratherthan have an Anti-Austerit Aliance influencing goverment.

Labour in Wales are relying on voters here backing them because they are not the Tories and in doing so offer us nothing. 

Labour real Target seats are the sort of Marginal English seats  that Ed Milibandhas made a direct pitch for the support of disaffected “one nation” Tories, insisting that he is on “the centre ground of politics” and would save the country from David Cameron’s rightwing, anti-EU agenda.

He said
I want to reach out to Tory voters, to Liberal Democrat voters, to Ukip voters, to non-voters
Scotland has woken up to Labour taken their votes for granted and then betraying them in order to appeal to the right wing media .and carrying o  the whole Thatcherite politics that the New  Labour Blair project was just a watered down version of,
Its time we in Wales woke up as well.


  1. Labour placeman says Nats are mad, bad and dangerous while blissfully unaware that it's exactly that thinking that's gotten Labour in Scotland into the trouble their in, I only hope the welsh Labour branch keep believing Jeff it will help Wales become independent sooner.

    1. I only wish that were true. I don't see many signs that people in Wales have woken from their Labour induced slumbers, but that's mainly because Plaid is such an inefffectual opponent. When Plaid could so easily be going for Welsh Labour's jugular it contents itself by merely snapping at Labour's heel like a toothless corgi. There is too much worrying within Plaid about appeasing the conservative/fascist tendency wing of the party, fearing that they will leave. This completely abandons the interests of those who matter who would quite possibly support a radically left-leaning Plaid that appealed to the disposessed of Blaenau Ffestiniog, Bethesda, Bedlinog and Barry. The idea that Plaid has no relevance in South East Wales has been patent nonsense since the late 60s, what has done Plaid damage, in my opinion, is it's faffing around at denying it's seperatist intentions, and blowing every which way the wind blows (literally in the case of those obscene wind farms that besmirch much of the Mid Wales landscape) when it suits them.

      Labour like to peddle the nasty Nats line, as they have done since the dinosaurs roamed Upper Cwmtwrch, but as Glyn used to love remininding the Labour cultists at Coleg Harlech, Labour are nothing other than Brit Nationalists - and boy they hated being reminded of that. No wonder the Scots are abandoning Labour!

      Padi Phillips