Thursday, 29 January 2015

Can you compare the immorality of Auschwitz with Hiroshima?

Are the attacks on Dafydd Wigley  over his comparison  of the use of Nuclear Weapons with Auschwitz Justified?

Here's a transcript of  the relevant BBC Interview 

Lord Wigley:

 Certainly, we've been opposed to nuclear weapons all down the years, we can't see any possible justification in having them, nobody in their right minds would use them as the first weapon of strike and if another country is attacking us with nuclear weapons, what satisfaction does it give that we can obliterate as many millions of people in their countries by firing back, The thing is immoral, it's impractical, it's not an effective deterrent against people like ISIS and it is a waste of money.


But it would bring a great deal of employment to an area where employment is a struggle at Milford Haven.

Lord Wigley:

 Look, this week we have been remembering what happened in Germany before the war, no doubt there were many jobs provided in Auschwitz and places like that but that didn't justify their existence and neither does nuclear weapons justify having them in Pembrokeshire.

 Are you seriously comparing a Trident base to a Nazi death camp?

Lord Wigley: 

The number of people that will be killed by Trident will be infinitely more.

 So you think that is a valid comparison, to compare the prospect of a Trident base in Milford Haven with Auschwitz?

Lord Wigley:

 The point I'm making is that you have to look at what a job entails not just the fact that there is a job located in any particular area and, in this instance, we do not believe that we should have nuclear weapons at all, we believe that Trident shouldn't be renewed and we most certainly don't want that renewal to happen in Pembrokeshire or anywhere in Wales or, to be fair, anywhere in Britain.


 And you think there is a moral comparison between working on one of those Trident bases, the staff, the people, the Scots who work on the Trident base and those who worked at the Nazi death camps?

Lord Wigley: 

No, the point I was making was this, that you have to consider the nature of the work and not just that a job exists.

It it is clear to me that Dafydd (Never Lord to me) was comparing the immorality of the Holocaust with the use of Nuclear Weapons.

In Neutral Ireland after the War there was tendency  amongst the population when the first evidence of the Concentration camps came out to disbelieve it as Allied Propaganda  whilst as the dropping of the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima was clear and churches held masses the civilian victims.

Today in Ireland few would rightly be Holocaust deniers and we all consider one of the most massive crimes carried out by Man on his fellow beings.

Not just Jews though understandably we tend to concentrate  on the attempt to destroy a people  but  gays  people deemed mentally unfit and  Romani's who seem to have no one to speak for them.

You can read about the Romani Holocaust or Porajmos here.

The use of Nuclear weapons on innocent people is to me equally immoral  and it will bring huge shame to Wales which once declared itself Nuclear Free that such Weapons of  Mass Destruction may be brought to our Nation.

What we have here is a comparison of the Immorality of the past with the Immorality of the future.

Both to me should be equally  condemned .

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Plaid are still struggling in the Polls.

The Latest  Poll on GE2015 in Wales will read as a disappointment  to Plaid supporters who may have been hoping for  a bit of a surge after the row over leaders debates.

  • Labour 37% (+ 1%)
  • Conservatives 23% (no change)
  • Ukip 16% (-2%)
  • Plaid Cymru 10% (-1%)
  • Greens 8% (+3%)
  • Liberal Democrats 6% (+1%)
  • Others on 1% (-1%).

It may be that  there has been some movement in their Target seats for Plaid to them whilst they have lost some votes to the Greens elsewhere .

People have also been asked  how they would vote for the National Assembly one year after the general election, 

For the constituency vote, the results of the poll were (with changes from our previous poll, in early December in brackets):

  • Labour 34% (-1%)
  • Conservative 21% (-1%)
  • Plaid Cymru 18% (-1%)
  • UKIP 13% (+1%)
  • Liberal Democrats 7% (+1%)
  • Greens 6% (+1%)
  • Others 1% (no change)

Clearly, very little has changed since our last poll, with all the parties seeing changes in their support levels but by amounts that are well within the ‘margin of error’.

On these figures, and assuming uniform national swings across Wales (always a dangerous prediction) , only two constituency seats would change hands from the results in the last Assembly election in May 2011: the Liberal Democrats would gain Cardiff Central from Labour, while Labour would also lose Llanelli to Plaid Cymru.

For the regional list vote,  saw the following results (with changes from our December poll again indicated):

Labour 32% (+1%)
Conservative 20% (no change)
Plaid Cymru 15% (-4%)
UKIP 16% (+1%)
Liberal Democrats 8% (+2%)
Greens 8% (+1%)
Others 2% (no change)

Taking into account both the constituency and list results, this produces the following projected seat outcome for a National Assembly election (with aggregate changes from 2011 indicated in brackets):

  • Labour: 28 (-2): 26 constituency AMs, 2 list AMs
  • Conservative: 10 (-4); 6 constituency AMs, 4 list AMs
  • Plaid Cymru: 9 (-2); 6 constituency AMs, 3 list AMs
  • UKIP: 8 (+8): all list AMs
  • Greens: 3 (+3): all list AMs
  • Liberal Democrats: 2 (-3); 2 constituency AMs

Particularly for Plaid asking people how they would vote in the National Assembly  may result in them  a lower percentage than they would have 100 days before the assembly Elections.

Of course GE2015 will have a major affect on next years assembly Elections. Particularly if we have a hung Parliament.

As the Liberal Democrats have found out being junior partners in a coalition rarely results in increase popularity even if that Government have an aver all approval rating.

But with if the polls are right (and continue) There will be a huge rise in SNP  members in Westminster and Scotland are likely to place constitutional change on the agenda of the next Parliament.

Plaid may well benefit from constantly asking "What about Wales"

Or find themselves  in a Little Englander Media backlash .

We are indeed living in interesting times.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Labour show they are not to be trusted over fracking.

If any one in Scotland still believes the Unionist Parties are sincere when it comes to devolving powers to Scotland then they only have to look at yesterdays vote in the House  of Commons 

- Vote on devolving licensing and mineral access rights to Scotland
To amend the Scotland Act to give the Scottish Government responsibility for licensing and mineral access rights for onshore shale gas extraction
ResultThose in favour 231Those against 324New clause not included in the Infrastructure Bill
We in Wales were not even given the opportunity 

Only the day before "Scottish" Labour's  Deputy Leader  Kezia Dugdale  was boasting 

As Scots we’re proud of the fact that not only is the water among the cleanest and best in the world, it’s ours and long may that continue.
So whether it’s environmental concerns or the sheer injustice of people not having a say, Scottish Labour have said loud and clear that we’ll use the powerful new powers of the Scottish Parliament to stop fracking.
We want a tough new regulatory scheme and we won’t consider any fracking until the worrying environmental concerns have been addressed and even then, we’ll always give the people the last word with a local referendum.
That’s Scottish Labour’s triple lock against fracking.
That’s the way to protect the planet and draw strength from people power which has always been at the heart of our movement.
While arguing those points on Twitter this weekend. A bright young councillor from the Tories decided to wade in and proclaim that fracking was key to tackling fuel poverty.
What utter nonsense. How dare the Tories even begin to lecture Scots about poverty after the last five years of David Cameron’s government.
Tories want fracking so their millionaire pals can profit from the natural assets of our land – not because they care about our grannies’ heating bills.
Plus, if they were so concerned about fuel poverty, they’d back Labour’s cap on energy bills and plans to reform the market so that the big six stop operating like a cartel.
But they don’t, and what’s more, we remember the most recent time the Tories experimented in Scotland, with the poll tax.
Fracking isn’t something the Tories will get to test in Scotland.
Oh no – no guinea pigs here.
Scottish Labour will use the powers of the Parliament to protect our proud land. I only hope the SNP follow our lead and do the same.
So  what did Ms Dugdale's Westminster Colleagues di when there waas an attempt to place a Monetarism on Fracking

They abstained and her leader Jim Murphy wasn't even there.
Scottish Labour Leader  thinks a photo opportunity is more important than stopping Fracking

- Vote on a fracking moratorium

To declare a moratorium on fracking while an independent assessment was carried out into the impact of unconventional petroleum on climate change, the environment, health and safety and the economy.
ResultThose in favour 52Those against 308Labour MPs abstained in the voteNew clause not included in the Infrastructure Bill

Labour then proposed an amendment which  was passed by the Government ALLOWING fracking across the UK, subject as (Wings over  Scotland point's  out) companies jumping through some hoops, eg telling people when they were going to frack under their houses and maybe cleaning up a bit afterwards

So Labour cannot protect us when it comes to Fracking  or further powers even to Scotland as they can't or won't devolve the powers.

Why can't we in Wales realise that Labour = Tory and they have no interest in Wales apart for our votes

Monday, 26 January 2015

Greece. Can't Pay Won't Pay.

Whilst celebrating the victory of Syriza’in the Greek Election of is a call for celebration we must be aware where the true power lies.

The damning popular verdict on Europe’s response to financial meltdown may be en as a final warning for the EU’s political elite that people can not take any more of the Austerity programme .

However whilst they may not respond to a swing to the right like Ukip of the French National front the response from Brussels may be to strangle the new Government at birth.

For the first time, power has been handed to populist outsiders deeply opposed to Brussels and Berlin, albeit not anti-European, unlike their counterparts on the far right across the EU.

It may be that Brussels would prefer a right Anti-European Government in a Member State to a a party that may not be Anti-European.  Brussels may fear a Domino Effect in that at last after the Financial crisis which started in the USA (Which seems to have been forgotten) and now seems to be an European crisis, an explicitly anti-austerity party, will take office in the EU.

Plaid Leader Leanne Wood whose Party may Benefit from a Domino effect from Greece or suffer from the concentrated attack of of mainstream politicians allied with the media has welcomed the new Government.

She posted

The Greek election is significant for us all - throughout Europe. People there have accepted that "austerity is the crisis itself". All governments must respect the result. And all must be prepared to work with the new Greek government to end the pain & suffering of people there.

This election may just prove whir the power lies in Europe .

With the People where in Greece they have said Enough is Enough?

Or with the Political and Economic Elite who ironically met in the guise The World Economic Forum (WEF )at the  Davos last week and maybe have already formulated a plan to destroy the new Greek Government s soon as possible?

Hopefully it will be the people who win but experience has nearly always proven otherwise.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Why should we send our brightest across the border?

 If you ever wanted a example of the lack of ambition from Government and our media you only  have to look at Wales online recently.

Under the Banner 

Lord Adonis: 'We need to see more Welsh kids getting into Oxford and Cambridge

It starts with the cringing

Lord Adonis is a man on a mission.
The Labour grandee has bold plans to help Welsh school kids from poorer backgrounds get into top universities.
Most politicians put their feet up when they “retire” but the sprightly 51-year-old is far from slowing down.
Sprightly 51 year old! That's hardly  the age the rest of us end our working days .

it goes on 
That is why Lord Adonis was in Newport to deliver a keynote speech at the University of South Wales to teachers from across the country.
Though currently shadow minister for infrastructure he is shooting up and down the country to talk about his other great passion: education.
The Labour grandee, who served in government under Tony Blair, said he wants to see more of the “Oxbridge hubs” set up by Welsh education minister Huw Lewis.
Former education minister Lord Adonis said:
 “The more of that the better. I’m very glad the Welsh Government are taking this initiative.
“Anything that encourages able students to aspire to top universities is a good thing because too many are put off essentially by myths, by the belief that universities aren’t for them.
“Anything that breaks those myths will overcome what is essentially a mental barrier more than an academic barrier in terms of their capacity.”
What other Nation would aim to send its Brightest to another Nation and Education System?  What we need to do is break the myth of Oxbridge   and build a University System to equal or surpass them.

Would there  be a campaign in Scotland to send pupils  to Oxbridge rather than the likes of Aberdeen,St Andrews or Edinburgh?

Lord d Adonis also warned that Welsh state school pupils who want to go Oxford or Cambridge need to do a lot of the research themselves compared to the spoon-feeding of advice they would receive in the private sector.
He said bright state school pupils should go out and find graduates from the top universities in their area and seek advice from them.

This is the attitude in Wales send your Brightest to Oxbridge collages where they may not return instead of building Institutions that can take and develop them  home and ensure  that they can find work here and contribute to the building of a Nation. 

The  Byline is given to James Rothwell who Wales Online say is a Daily Telegraph trainee reporter on placement as a general reporter at WalesOnline. on this I suggest they send him back.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Welsh Goverment shames democracy in lowering flags for despots death.

Its rather heartening that a Plaid Cymru AM and the leader of the Scottish Conservatives  have both denounced the fying of flags at half-mast after the death of the Saudi despot King Abdullah
Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas said the move was inappropriate given the country's human rights record.
The death of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was announced early on Friday morning.
The Welsh government said it would "normally extend this courtesy" to heads of state and royalty who had died.
The Mid and West Wales AM wrote on Twitter : "Woman beheaded on the street Blogger given 1,000 lashes Labour @WelshGovernment sees fit to fly Welsh flag at half mast #sickening #Saudi".
Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has also described the decision to lower flags on government buildings as "a steaming pile of nonsense".
The UK government has asked for flags on government buildings to be lowered until 20:00 GMT on Friday, but the Welsh and Scottish governments are free to issue their own instructions.
A Welsh government spokesman said: "Flags are flying at half mast across the Welsh government estate.
"We would normally extend this courtesy to heads of state or members of royal households who have died."
So if you are "A Royal" you can abuse Human rights, treat Women as second class citizens and publicly behead people.

Prime Minister has praised King Abdullah on "his commitment to peace and religious understanding.
I am given to understand a the penalty for a Saudi  Moslem converting to another religion is death.
The treatment of Saudi Arabia which is no better than Libya under  Gaddafi of Iraq under  Saddam Hussein and who treated Women and religious minorities better. shows the West hypocrisy of the West its appalling that the Welsh Government has chose to join in.  
Thanks to Anon yesterday i can direct you to a petition here condemning this here.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Leaders Debate a chance for Leanne to shine.

It is still not a done deal but Plaid Cymru, the Greens and the SNP are likely to see Ukip and the three main UK parties in the BBC and ITV debates ahead of the election under new proposals put forward by the broadcasters.

David Cameron insisted he would not appear if Ukip leader Nigel Farage was on the panel but Green leader Natalie Bennett was excluded – sparking claims from opponents that he was “running scared”.

Though he will probably claim that he has won a victory for Democracy

The latest proposals would see BBC and ITV hold identical debates featuring representatives of all seven parties.

This would be followed by a head-to-head debate between Mr Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband organised by Channel 4 and Sky News.

So that will suit Labour and the Conservatives as both will l claim they are the only Parties that can win.
and although it is likely they will get a smaller audience  it will be more presidential and get more news coverage.

Which is why I object to the debates  as we are not electing a president  and not even a Prime Minister . We are electing MP and the Prime Minister will be the one who can form a government. and as have said before that could be someone who didn't even take part in the debates especially in a hung parliament

The biggest looser will be Nick Clegg who last time was seems as the Star of the debated and saw (although brief) a spectacular rise in the polls.


This time he will have to defend his record in coalition and will have tree more Party leaders who can offer something different to the Con-Lab consensus.

Under original plans, the BBC debate would have only involved the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders, with Nigel Farage joining them for the ITV event.

So there a major change .and Plaid's Leanne Wood could be the major winner here raising her profile not so much in GE2015 but in next years Assembly Elections .

The Northern Ireland parties are already aggrieved that they are not invited but the argument would be that the main UK parties do not tend to stand there.

But with 7 leaders in the first debates what's the betting that one of the Tabloids will lead on the  following day with
Where's Snow White?