Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Relocating the House of Lords to York, would only be for six years.

Missing from many comments  on the claims that Boris Johnson is considering relocating the House of Lords to the north of England, with York emerging as a frontrunner to house the upper chamber is that this would not be a permanent move, even if it happens.
The Independent tells us that
Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly confirmed the plan was being considering in Downing Street after reports emerged that the prime minister had ordered officials to look into the practicalities of shifting the Lords outside of London.

The prime minister is believed to be keen to take advantage of plans for the restoration of the crumbling Palace of Westminster, which already requires some 800 peers to another building for six years from 2025.

So it would be six years  in length 

The move would be considered as part of a wider constitutional review, which will also look at the role of the Supreme Court and the Lord Chancellor, according to The Sunday Times.

Mr Cleverly told Sky News’ Ridge on Sunday: “What we are looking at is a whole range of options about making sure that every part of the UK is properly connected with politics.
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“When the PM stood up after the day general election and said, ‘This is going to be the people’s government,’ he meant it.

“That meant connecting people with government and with politics.”
Pressed on whether it would happen, Mr Cleverly said: “We might. It’s one of a range of things we are looking into to.
“What this is about is demonstrating that we will do things differently.”
Challenged again, he said: “It’s one of a range of things we’re looking at. Trust me we’re going to be radical.”

So it's not radical unless of course  it coincides , with major reforms which would cull the a bloated membership and only for six years.

     Lord Speaker (1)
Lords Spiritual
     Bishops (26)[a]
Lords Temporal
HM Government
     Conservative Party (244)
HM Most Loyal Opposition
     Labour Party (180)
Other groups
     Liberal Democrats (92)
     Democratic Unionist Party (4)
     Green Party (2)
     Ulster Unionist Party (2)
     Plaid Cymru (1)
     Non-affiliated (49)
     Independents (6)
     Crossbenchers (187)
SalaryNo annual salary, but tax-free daily allowance and expenses paid.
Meeting place

I imagine that for many who attend the House of Lords who regard it as part of their London lifestyle getting an allowance to be part of what is the equivalent of a Gentlemen's Club away from the debating chamber , the prospect if moving anywhere from London and their other Clubs  like White's , or the National Liberal Clubs Brooks, would send a shiver down tier spine.

The idea that even a temporary move to York would take them from their life style and actually do some work would send a shiver down their spines.

Indeed  (and it would not be a bad thing) if only those Peers who take their Legislative responsibilities seriously , would turn up , it may be an virtually empty chamber they are addressing.

Prehaps this is Johnson's intention making sure his place men and women, are in a majority when it come sto voting controversial  polices ?
A government source told the paper: “The York proposal is much further along.
“The PM is also keen to have parliamentary sessions in the regions, be it Sunderland or Manchester, so people get a chance to feel democracy in action first hand.”
A No 10 source said: “This will serve as a strong signal that we are serious about refocusing attention and investment away from London.
“It will set an example for the rest of the public sector and, of course, businesses looking to expand beyond the M25.”
Why do I get the feeling that these Plans will only come to fruition when the works of refurbishing  Parliament happens. 

Monday, 20 January 2020

UK ministers regard Wales as a sort English of Botany Bay

If  Wales was an Independent Nation and of we perused progressive policy towards rehabilitation  of convicted   criminals then we would already have a surplus of prison places for men  and presumably not receive any from over the boarder.
UK ministers remain committed to building a new prison in Wales, according to the justice secretary.
Robert Buckland said he was hoping to work with local councils and the Welsh Government "to make sure that can become a reality".
Plans for a new "super-prison" in Port Talbot were withdrawn after strong local objections.
Mr Buckland said he was also "very interested" in developing a women's centre in Wales.
The five prisons currently in Wales - HMP Berwyn, HMP Cardiff, HMP Parc, HMP Swansea, and HMP Usk/Prescoed - are all for men Speaking to the BBC's Politics Wales programme, Mr Buckland accepted there was a "problem" with female prisoners from Wales having to serve sentences in England but said he had to balance the idea of a women's centre "against all the other competing priorities".

This is an appealing  attitude it would not take much to convert one Prison to house female inmates from Wales though clearly we would also need to have one in both North and South Wales so that Prisoners families who are not guilty of anything are not punished , by making long and expensive journeys . in order to visit them something which happens now as  prisons vans carrying convicted felons pass each other taking Welsh Prisoners to England and vice versa.
Last summer, Boris Johnson announced plans to create 10,000 new prison places in Wales and England.
Mr Buckland, the second Llanelli-born Lord Chancellor after Lord Elwyn Jones (1974-1979), said he "would love" an extra Welsh prison to be part of the programme.
A new category C super-prison for up to 1,600 prisoners was planned for Port Talbot before UK ministers withdrew the plan after strong local opposition.
 Asked if the UK Government still had plans for a similarly-sized facility, Mr Buckland said: "We still want to build an extra prison in Wales."I'm not so much interested in the glib titles, I want to make sure that we have a facility that is the right size and the right model, and that actually delivers purposeful prison activity.
But clearly not   right size and the right model for Wales but for England

Mr Buckland
"I'm not going to commit myself to a particular size prison now.
"What I do commit to is a real concern about the fact that I think having an extra prison in Wales would be good for the local population.
"I've got to get on with that apace. I want to deliver it by the middle of the decade, so my officials will do whatever they can to identify sites in England and Wales that fit the bill, and that can deliver those extra places," he added.
Research published by Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre in January 2019 claimed Wales has the highest imprisonment rate in western Europe
 Mr Buckland also signalled opposition to transferring full control of the justice system in Wales to the Welsh Government.A commission chaired by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd called for the devolution of policing and prisons because people in Wales are "let down by the system in its current state".
Mr Buckland, the Conservative MP for South Swindon, said: "I think the question you've got to ask yourself is 'what is the outcome?'
"It's all very well obsessing about process, working out which desk is going to be responsible for what.
"What is more important I think from the point of view of residents is outcomes."
"Making our streets in Wales safer, I find that's what the public would expect me and the home secretary and the prime minister to be concentrating on, rather than worrying about who holds the pen," he added.
But how is sending prisoners to serve their term in Wales  "making our streets safer ?" 

Does Mr Buckland regard Wales as a sort English of Botany Bay for the 21tst century.
A Plaid Cymru debate called for the devolution of criminal justice at the Senedd on Wednesday.
"For a fraction of the amount that we are spending keeping people in prison we could invest in a really good quality probation service," said Leanne Wood, Plaid AM for Rhondda, in an interview on BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement.
Her comments come after a coroner at Conner Marshall's inquest criticised the probation service's "woefully inadequate" management of a case worker supervising a man who beat the 18-year-old to death.
"These are the things that we need to tackle," said Ms Wood.
"They are not being tackled at the moment and we could tackle them if devolution of criminal justice was seen through."
After Friday's inquest, the National Probation Service in Wales said it had taken responsibility for managing all offenders on licence in Wales from the Community Rehabilitation Company.

If the next Senedd wants to become relevant then  the new Welsh government , needs to behave like one and seek parity with Scotland and control over our own Justice System would be high on the list.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Rather than commute to Cardiff Valley people should have work on thier doorstep.

At first glance a potential congestion charge for driving into Cardiff seems to be a good idea with Green credentials.
But as one AM has out it it is a  tax on the  valleys'
BBC Cymru report that
Cardiff council plans to charge non-residents in a bid to hit green targets and cut congestion.Council leader Huw Thomas said it would fund better public transport.But Blaenau Gwent's assembly member Alun Davies warned his constituents should not be told "they must fund Cardiff council's policies".A proposed £2 charge could be introduced by 2024, with the charging zone boundaries under discussion.The Welsh capital would join London and Durham which charge motorists to drive into the centre, while BirminghamEdinburgh and Manchester have been considering the move.The council's discussion paper on its vision for transport in the city to 2030 was published on Wednesday, promising a "serious debate about the problems the city is facing".
 We've got a transport system that was obsolete in the 1980s," Mr Thomas told BBC Radio Wales' Breakfast show on Thursday."We've got a city that's designed for a population of 200,000, and yet with commuter swells every day, it becomes a city of half-a-million people. And the transport system is not fit for purpose.
"This plan is about recognising that, putting in place a vision to change that for good."
Mr Thomas said there needed to be "an honest conversation" about how the money was raised to implement changes and improve the public transport network.
"That's why we are proposing a congestion charge is potentially one of the options we would look at in terms of raising that revenue."
The council wants to see the South Wales Metro plans "supercharged" with new tram-train lines, opening new stations, rapid bus routes and segregated cycle lanes in the city.
Proposals would also include new park-and-ride facilities at the east and west of Cardiff - at junction 32 and junction 33 of the M4 motorway - and another at the planned Cardiff Parkway mainline station at St Mellons.
If the vision of people swapping to Trains  is met then  those who use them need a far more trains and ones that can accommodate  more  people , standing from say Llwynapia al the way to Cardiff (as sometimes occurs)  is not acceptable, though Cardiff Council may not be concerned about those who pay council tax elsewhere
The estimated cost of upgrading the public transport offering for the capital over the next decades has been put at between £1bn and £2bn.Mr Thomas said any congestion charge would only make up part of the funding mix, matched by cash from the council and other sources, including the Welsh Government.
But asked whether a charge amounted to a tax on those living in commuter areas of the south Wales valleys, Cardiff's council leader responded: "Not at all."
"The irony is for some of the poorest communities - wherever you live in Wales - you cannot afford to buy a car, so you are already totally reliant on public transport," added Mr Thomas.
"What we would be doing is putting in place alternatives to using the car, and have this go live before any charge came into place.

Mr Thomas seems a bit patronising here , and anyway it people with cars that are the problem those without are already using Public Transport and frankly i don't see the much vaulted  "Metro" , improving things sufficiently.

But what we really need  to avoid congestion in Cardiff is to avoid going into it in the first place.

Creating more job opportunities in the Valleys close to where people live so they only commute a few miles would surley benefit people if they own a car or not seems to me the real solution.

The problem is that Huw Thomas is more concerned about the status of Cardiff rather than the condition its  inhabitants meet due to over development.

Rather building huge Office blocks like the new BBC Wales/Cymru only leads to more congestion.

When I was living in London I would occasionally have to catch a rush hour train from  to Aldershot.

The Train would come in to Waterloo Station and hundreds would disembark , and I would be the only person to board it for the return journey.

Maybe the vision is to encourage people to commute out of Cardiff in the same numbers they commute into it is a better situation.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Lisa Nandy is wrong about Catalonia , and is totally ignorant over Quebec.

It seems that there is competition among the Labour Leader ship Candidates to enhance their Unionist credentials.

A Labour leadership candidate has claimed that the UK should "look to Catalonia" for lessons on how to defeat Scottish nationalism.
Lisa Nandy made the comments as she argued that a "social justice agenda" could beat "divisive nationalism".
Hundreds of people were hurt when the Spanish authorities used force to try to stop the disputed independence referendum in Catalonia in 2017.
Nicola Sturgeon said people would be "mortified" by Ms Nandy's remarks.
And Scotland's only Labour MP, Ian Murray, warned all of the candidates in the party's leadership contest that they should not "come up to Scotland and talk about things that you're not quite sure what you're talking about."
In an interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil Show, Ms Nandy said that socialists across the world had been "beaten over and over" by nationalists.
She added: "We should look outwards to other countries and other parts of the world where they have had to deal with divisive nationalism and seek to discover the lessons where, in these brief moments in history in places like Catalonia and Quebec, we have managed to go and beat narrow divisive nationalism with a social justice agenda."
 Nation Cymru amongst others show how out of touch Ms Nandy  is over Catalonia.

But she's way of the mark over Quebec as well where the former leading sovereignist party  the Social Democrat Parti Québécois has been replaced in as the  majority in the  Quebec Parliament not by the Liberals or the New Democratic Party, but by 
Coalition Avenir Québec

It was founded by former Parti Québécois (PQ) cabinet minister François Legault and businessman Charles Sirois; Legault also serves as the party leader. The party membership includes both Quebec nationalists and federalists. Legault has said it will never endorse a referendum on sovereignty, but ore autonomy if necessary and has pursed a populist anti-immigration policy 

However CAQ is still regarded as a Nationalist Party in context of Quebec and Canadian politics.

Also in Quebec the left Québec solidaire made gains in the last election a remarkable amalgamation of numerous l eft wing parties and groubs  addition to advocating the independence of Quebec from Canada, the party's platform identifies with the concepts of environmentalismfeminismsocial justiceproportional representation and participatory democracypacifismaboriginal rights, and alter-globalism The party favours aboriginal rights, immigration, and human dignity, and opposes discrimination including racism, sexism and homophobia. QS describes itself as a sovereigntistgreenalter-globalizationist, and feminist party. It is the left-most of the four parties presently represented in the National Assembly.

Indeed QS are fighting a right wing Nationalism which does not seek Independence and seeking to establish a Socialist Independent Quebec.

Wrong on Catalonia , Wrong on Quebec  Ms Nandy exposes the narrow minded  unionism of the UK Labour Party and small wonder it has been defeated by the SNP in Scotland and hopefully Plaid Cymru in Wales.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Jamie Wallis: Bridgend MP 'misled press' over sugar daddy site

Could we be seeing the first byelection of the new Parliament?

Only last week i blogged that he Tory MP for Bridgend  seems to be associated with a very dubious website.

Now it is claimed that Newly elected Tory MP Jamie Wallis should apologise for his alleged involvement in a "sugar daddy" dating website, a Labour MP has said.
According to the BBC
Tonia Antoniazzi said the Bridgend MP's denial of a link to Sugar-Daddy.net was "clearly" contradicted by company records.
She accused Mr Wallis of misleading the press.
Jamie Wallis, who was elected MP for Bridgend in December, has been approached for comment.
It comes after a candidate in the Labour leadership contest, Jess Phillips, called for Mr Wallis to be thrown out of the Conservative party.
The Sugar-Daddy.net business offered people introductions to wealthy individuals, saying: "We can introduce you to your very own sugar daddy and solve your money worries.
"Whether you're a boy, girl, straight or gay, there's a sugar daddy for you."
Ms Antoniazzi's comments in the House of Commons follow reporting by BuzzFeed News into Mr Wallis' business background.
Mr Wallis told BuzzFeed: "Online queries indicate the Sugar-Daddy.net website was registered in 2004 and ceased to be operational in 2010."
"The site appears to have been owned and operated by a company named SD Billing Services Limited.
"For the avoidance of any doubt, I have never had a financial interest, nor been a director of SD Billing services Limited and cannot comment on its operational activities."Media captionSugar-Daddy.net was a 'exploitative and demeaning website', Tonia Antoniazzi saidMs Antoniazzi, MP for Gower, said Companies House records "clearly contradict that statement".
She said she had received information from a former employee of the member for Bridgend that also contradicted his statement.
The Gower MP claimed Mr Wallis had "misled the press about his involvement" in the website, which she said was "exploitative and demeaning".
Jamie Wallis is listed at Companies House as a person with significant control of Fields Group Ltd.

Fields Group Ltd is itself listed as the sole shareholder of SD Billing Services between October 2007-October 2010 - within that period Mr Wallis was a shareholder and director of Fields Group.
BuzzFeed News reported that ten companies where Mr Wallis was or is a director were subject to more than 800 complaints to trading standards between January 2008 and February 2017, according to Bridgend council.
The council said the companies had been the subject of 20 enforcement visits.
Mr Wallis told BuzzFeed the figures were "nonsense" and he is taking legal action against Bridgend council.
A spokesman for Bridgend council confirmed they had received a "letter-before-action" from Fields Group Limited but could not comment further "due to the possibility of ongoing proceedings".
The Conservative Party declined to comment
Of course  Sugar-Daddy.net website is not in itself encouraging what could be vulnerable  young people into prostitution, but it could certainly be said that  there is a resemblance to the accusation about Prince Andrew  Ghislaine Maxwellwho ad a romantic relationship with Jeffrey Epstein for several years in the early 1990s and remained closely associated with him for decades afterwards.

 The nature of their relationship remains unclear. In a 2009 deposition, several of Epstein's household employees testified that Maxwell had a central role in both his public and private life, referring to her as his "main girlfriend" who also handled the hiring, supervising, and firing of staff starting around 1992.[32] She has also been referred to as the "Lady of the House" by Epstein's staff and as his "aggressive assistant"In a 2003 Vanity Fair profile on Epstein, author Vicky Ward stated that Epstein referred to Maxwell as "my best friend".] Ward also observed that Maxwell seemed "to organise much of his life".]
Maxwell has attracted press coverage for her friendship with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, who attended social functions with her in New York. Maxwell introduced Epstein to Prince Andrew, and the three often socialised together. In 2000, Maxwell and Epstein attended a party thrown by Prince Andrew at the queen's estate in Norfolk, England, reportedly for Maxwell's 39th birthday.[37] In a November 2019 interview with the BBC, Prince Andrew confirmed that Maxwell and Epstein had attended an event at his invitation but he denied that it was anything more than a "straightforward shooting weekend."

Vrginia Giuffre, an alleged victim of Epstein, sued Maxwell in 2015 claiming that she helped him procure girls for sex. 
Giuffre launched the defamation suit accusing Maxwell of calling her a liar, which she denied. The case was settled before trial in May 2017. 
Jaime welles needs to come clean , he may have not broken any laws but to we really want him to represent us in any legislature.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Neil McEvoy suspended again. Just what has he achieved for those he professes to champion?

There will be those who believe that Neil McEvoy  "People's Champion standing up for his constituents against bureaucracy and corruption.and his aggressive style is needed against those who are letting people down.

Others like myself wonder if Mr McEvoy actually achieves less result than many diligent Senedd Members and local councillors , who are less intent on posting videos of themselves "fighting city hall" than actually solving the issue.

The BBC report that
Police were called to Cardiff's City Hall after a council panel ruled politician Neil McEvoy had bullied a care home worker.
The decision was followed by angry scenes when supporters of the councillor rose to their feet and shouted at the panel's members.
Later it ruled Mr McEvoy, who is also an assembly member, should be suspended as a councillor for four months.
Mr McEvoy said he would appeal against the ruling.
It follows days of evidence at the Cardiff council standards and ethics sub-committee, chaired by Cardiff University academic James Downe, and an investigation by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales Nick Bennett.
During proceedings the independent AM denied claims he had tried to "ambush" a therapy meeting involving a child in care. He said he was acting for a family who feared the child had been assaulted.
Following the ruling supporters called the public services ombudsman's representative a "disgrace" and accused the panel of "corruption" and being a "kangaroo jury".
Members of the public were removed from the room by security after a disturbance that lasted more than five minutes.
What was Neil McEvoy accused of?
The Fairwater councillor was found to have breached the council's code of conduct at two separate incidents.
The first took place on 29 April 2018, when Mr McEvoy called a private care home where a child was resident following allegations of abuse by the child.
He wanted to make a visit to the care home, but the care home worker told him that would not be appropriate because he was not named on the child's care plan.
The care home worker told Mr McEvoy that he would have to speak to the child's social worker on the Monday to arrange a visit. Mr McEvoy then said he would bring a colleague with him and would raise the issue in the assembly.
When the care home worker continued to refuse him entry into the care home, he told her she had an hour to get back to him.
The committee heard the care home worker was left feeling anxious and undermined by the phone call. The panel found Mr McEvoy had been bullying, intimidating and disrespectful towards her.
 The second incident took place on 11 May 2018 and related to a therapy meeting with the child at the private care provider's offices.Mr McEvoy attended the venue with the intent of going to the meeting.
He was accused of bullying and intimidating another care worker when he was informed that he could not be present.
The panel heard evidence that Mr McEvoy had made disparaging comments when describing the care worker.
He was cleared of bullying and intimidating behaviour but was found to have brought the council into disrepute.
What was Neil McEvoy's defence?
Mr McEvoy claimed throughout the hearings that he was highlighting the case of a child in care who was alleging abuse, and that he had the right to intervene in this case because of his role as "corporate parent".
Professor Downe said that if the councillor had concerns about child abuse he should report them through the "correct channels".
Mr Bennett welcomed the standards committee findings.
"The case before the committee was not about alleged child abuse. It was solely about the councillor's conduct," he said.
"Indeed, the police investigated an allegation of assault and found that there were no grounds for taking action."
'No legal authority to visit the child'
A statement on behalf of Mr Bennett's office stated Mr McEvoy had no legal authority to visit the child, because "the court granted the care order in respect of the child in favour of the council as a corporate entity, giving the council as a whole responsibility for the child".
"The court did not grant any parental responsibility rights for the child to the councillor personally."
The South Wales Central AM is a former Plaid Cymru member who was thrown out of the party in 2018 following an investigation into his conduct.
He had been suspended from Cardiff council in 2017 for a month after a tribunal found a comment he made amounted to bullying behaviour.
Mr McEvoy said he would be appealing the decision, "not because I think I can win but to highlight child abuse".
He added: "In future the record will show I did my best".
Mr McEvoy's suspension would begin
once the appeal process is complete.

Al this probably won't change the view of Mr McEvoy supporters  but for the rest of us the question is "What actually has he achieved?".

His former Plaid colleague Dr Delme Bowen was a quiet hard working councillor who manged to win election after election , without intimating  or bullying anyone .

Much of the initial success in Cardiff West was due to Delme who convinced people to vote Plaid and whilst Mr McEvoy may have increased some support . I can't help feeling that Mr MEvoy constant suspensions, is damaging  the people he professes to champion.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

We are already well into the "Independence" Generation in Scotland.

BORIS Johnson will block a second independence referendum even if the SNP wins a Holyrood majority next year, the Scottish Secretary has said.
Alister Jack said a Tory government at Westminster would refuse to grant Holyrood the power to hold Indyref2 for a generation or even for Nicola Sturgeon’s lifetime.
He told the BBC Scotland’s Sunday Politics that position would not change even if the SNP repeated their electoral feat of 2011 and won a second Holyrood majority in 2021.
He said: “We do not think that 2021 is the time to start having more referendums.”

Ms Sturgeon was born in July 1970 he Office for National Statistics puts UK life expectancy at 79.4 years for men and 83.1 years for women this means that the Tories intend to block an Independence referendum for  over 30 years.
Asked what the SNP would have to do to get a mandate for Indyref2, the Scottish Secretary said: “Let’s see the benefits of Brexit. They’ve talked Brexit down as a disaster. Let’s see if the world’s still spinning on the 1st of February and how things can be good for Scotland.”
Asked if his message to Nicola Sturgeon’s was that her successor or successor’s successor would have to wait for Indyref2, he said: “Yeah, a generation or a lifetime has passed. Let’s see the benefits of Brexit for the United Kingdom first.”
So how long is a generation 
The Western world includes Western Europethe Americas and Australasia. Many variations may exist within these regions, both geographically and culturally, which means that the list is broadly indicative, but very general. The contemporary characterization of these cohorts used in media and advertising borrows, in part, from the Strauss–Howe generational theory[14][31] and generally follows the logic of the pulse-rate hypothesis.[32]
  • The Lost Generation, also known as the Generation of 1914 in Europe,[33] is a term originating with Gertrude Stein to describe those who fought in World War I. The Lost Generation is defined as the cohort born from 1883 to 1900 who came of age during World War I and the Roaring Twenties.[34]
  • The Greatest Generation, also known as the "G.I. Generation,"[35] includes the veterans who fought in World War II. They were born from around 1901 to 1927[36] and came of age during the Great Depression. Journalist Tom Brokaw wrote about American members of this cohort in his book, The Greatest Generation, which popularised the term.[37]
  • The Silent Generation, also known as the Lucky Few, were born from approximately 1928 to 1945.[38][39] In the US, the cohort includes some who may have fought in World War II, most of those who may have fought the Korean War and many of those who may have fought during the Vietnam War.
  • Baby boomers, also known as Generation W,[40] the Me Generation or Boomers[41], are the generation that were born mostly following World War II, typically born from 1946 to 1964. Increased birth rates were observed during the post–World War II baby boom making them a relatively large demographic cohort.[42][43]
  • Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X, is the generation following the baby boomers. Researchers and popular media typically use birth years around 1965 to 1980 to define Generation Xers, although some sources use birth years beginning as early as 1960 and ending somewhere from 1977 to 1984. The term has also been used in different times and places for a number of different subcultures or countercultures since the 1950s.
    • In the U.S., some called Xers the "baby bust" generation because of a drop in birth rates following the baby boom.[44] The drop in fertility rates in America began in the late 1950s. But according to authors William Strauss and Neil Howe (who use a twenty year span from 1961 to 1981 for their birth years), by 1991 there were approximately 88.5 million Xers in the U.S.[45]
  • Millennials, also known as Generation Y,[46] are the cohort of people following Generation X. Researchers and popular media use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years, with 1981 to 1996 a widely accepted definition. According to Pew Research, the Millennials will surpass the Baby Boomers in numbers in the U.S. in 2019, with an anticipated 72 million Boomers and 73 million Millennials.[47]
  • Generation Z, also referred to as Gen Z is the cohort of people born after the Millennials. Demographers and researchers typically use the mid- to late-1990s as starting birth years,[48] while consensus has not been reached on the ending birth years, although 2012 is a widely accepted cutoff.[49]
  • Generation Alpha, also known as Gen A and as the Generation of the Future [50][51] the post Millennial generation and Generation Z. The accepted starting date is 2011 and will end approximately 2025. Most, but not all, of these babies will be born to millennial parents, and will be the third generation born under the War on Terror (1978–present). Living only in an age of technology, this will be one of the most targeted demographics for advising; even starting in their toddler years, app developers and brands will be focusing on building loyalty to their products.[52] Being environmentally conscious will heavily influence life style and choices. AI and robot interaction will be commonplace, creating new ways of thinking and ways of doing things. Often referred to having jobs that don't yet exist, higher education and specialization will be key for success, during a new age of automation with neural nets and AI. Also living in a new age of sexuality the LGBTQ movement of 1970s to 2000s will allow for new parenting styles, and gender neutral children will be a highly focused topic in up and coming years as the push for equality increases.[53]

So even that seems to be about 15 years so . So we are talking  about 2029, and whilst that seems along way away , We have already had three UK General elections since  the 2014 referendum (2015,2017,2019 and probably to more before  2029 and would have seen three Scottish Parliamentary elections,
Indeed even seven years after  2014 the demographics of Scottish population have changed dramatically and as  the polls indicate those who have reached over 18 (or even 16) by the next independence referendum even one called now and are more likely to vote YES could well surpass  the 45% who voted in favour last time and many No voters may have past away.
We are already in the Independence  Generation , which started in 2014 nd deserve there say now.