Tuesday, 12 November 2019

December 12 could be the final defeat of UK "Liberal Democracy "

This must be the most corrupt General Election in living memory with Nigel Farage after  receiving  a non-refundable £100 from those wishing to stand as candidates for his Brexit ( limited company} party standing down candidates in Tory held seats

 Nigel Farage  also says he was offered a peerage by Boris Johnson's Conservative party days before he decided to stand down Brexit Party candidates in hundreds of seats at the upcoming general election.

If you were completely naive   then you might expect a huge cry of disapproval from the media and the BBC investigating  whether the Brexit (Limited Company) is not a democratic party but a dictatorship under  Führer  Farage.

But the BBC clearly does not seem to want to upset the Tories by telling u the truth and even doctoring  news that would have shown the Prime Minister in a bad light.

Only last year  the Right Wing Media all owned by Tax Exiles reported that

Jeremy Corbyn was branded 'scruffy and disrespectful' today as he was widely mocked on social media for choosing to wear a grey anorak to the Armistice Day service at the Cenotaph.The Labour leader stood out among a sea of black overcoats as smartly-dressed politicians and dignitaries attending the 100th anniversary commemorations in London.It evoked memories of former Labour leader Michael Foot's infamous donkey jacket moment 37 years earlier, when he was subjected to barbs over his appearance at the Cenotaph in 1981.Scores of viewers watching the live coverage said they were 'shocked' at the politician's choice of attire, with one man claiming he looked as though he was 'going fishing'.

The  untrue Donkey Jacket  jibe against Foot seriously damaged his standing and clearly last year  they saw the chance to repeat it.

But when the a apparent  dishevelled and perhaps hungover  Boris Johnson was criticised on Sunday for placing the wreath of poppies on the Cenotaph in London incorrectly.The media largely ignore it

The BBC's flagship Breakfast programme has been forced to apologise after it broadcast old footage of Boris Johnson at a Remembrance service from 2016.
The BBC Breakfast programme tweeted: "This morning on the programme we incorrectly used footage from a Remembrance Day service that was not filmed yesterday.
"This was a production mistake and we apologise for the error."
Some social media users questioned the broadcaster's impartiality after using the clip, with one writing: "A production mistake... Where you mixed up yesterday's VT with one from 2016 that you had to search for in the archives? Yes, that's very plausible. Thank you for making it clear....."
A second questioned: "That begs the question why was the production team looking into archive rather than the footage released yesterday? Was it a damage limitation expertise? Shame on you BBC I have always defended you loved you, am so disappointed."
With report after report that wouls lead to criticism of the Tory Government being shelved with new investigation reveals that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has received a surge in cash from Russian donors over the past year, news that comes as his government continues to block publication of a report into Russian influence over recent elections which would have seen headlines screaming treason if it was any other party receiving "Moscow Gold", we are seeing a end to democratic elections and  a stolen election which will see a Hard Brexit and a totalitarian state free from Human Rights  legislation.

You can easily see Unionists here looking at events in Catalonia and thinking . Once Brexit is done we crush the Independence movement in Scotland in a similar manner and make sure they can NEVER  call another Independence  Referendum.

On December 12 the final defeat of UK "Liberal Democracy " may well be enacted , and we face a dark future.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Gwynedd Labour Councilor changes mind.

The Labour Party in Gwynedd are easily out numbered by Plaid in membership and activists and now it is possible that they may son not even have one councillor on the County Council
The BBC report that
Labour councillor says he is unhappy he has been blocked from fighting the party's top target seat in Wales at the general election.
Mary Griffiths-Clarke is standing down as the candidate for Arfon, citing ill-health and work commitments.
General election 2017: Arfon[11]
Plaid CymruHywel Williams11,51940.8Decrease 3.1
LabourMary Clarke11,42740.5Increase 10.2
ConservativePhilippa Parry4,61416.4Increase 3.2
Liberal DemocratCalum Davies6482.3Decrease 0.4
Majority920.3Decrease 13.4
Turnout28,20868.2Increase 1.9
Registered electors41,367
Plaid Cymru holdSwingDecrease 6.7

In 2017, she came within 92 votes of taking the seat from Plaid Cymru,
Sion Jones said Labour's policy of an all-women shortlist was "incredibly frustrating" for him, but the party defended its drive for "gender parity".
Mr Jones, from Caernarfon, fought the seat in the 2016 Welsh Assembly election where he increased Labour's share of the vote by 7.8% while still missing out to Plaid Cymru.
He told the Local Democracy Reporting Service he "couldn't rule out" standing as an independent after becoming frustrated by the party's insistence that only women would be eligible.
 "If a Labour MP stands down I can totally understand the rule where all-women shortlists are in place to increase the number of female Parliamentarians," he said."But here in Arfon we're in a situation where I'm the only Labour member of the council and I feel that the party is missing an opportunity here.
"I'd be ready to go out campaign tomorrow but it's incredibly frustrating, I have no doubt I could beat Hywel Williams.
"I've had many people ask if I was standing and I've tried to explain this to the party centrally on the need to open this to open selection.
"It will take time to raise the profile of someone who's not local, so it's an incredibly frustrating situation."
A spokesman for Welsh Labour said it had "a bold and progressive policy to achieve gender parity in the Welsh Parliamentary Labour Party".
"A key part of this approach is ensuring we have women candidates in seats with retiring Welsh Labour MPs and in seats that are within our grasp at the next election," the spokesman added.
"We're looking forward to winning in Arfon, and returning a record number of women MPs to Parliament."
The Lib Dems and Greens have decided not to contest the seat as part of a pact with Plaid Cymru.
Gary Gribben has been chosen to stand for the Brexit Party, while the Conservatives have yet to name their candidate.
Nominations close on 14 November.

Labour  have now selected Steffie Roberts so one wonders if Sion Jones will carry out his threat to stand as abn Independent. and Mr Jones seems to have had a change of mind.

With the former Liberal Democrat  candidate for Pontypridd  resigning  from that party  and standing as an Independent because in the Remaun pact the Lib Dems have given Plaid a clear run, we ned to ask the question if some candidates are more interested in their own status even would it is unlikely they would have won .

If Sion Jones had  stood down as an independent it would hav e taken  the number of Labour Councillors on Gwynedd to zero and in a similar way the Liberal Democrats have now no councillors on Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Is there a sense of male entitlement here>

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Tories failure to deal with Ross England and Alun Cairns should reverberate beyond Vale.

With nominations set to close on November 11th , it seems increasingly likely that despite intense pressure Alun Cairns will be the Tory candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan.

How much the controversy will affect the voting intentions of the electorate there is open to question.

But it should and not only in that constituency. The failure of the leadership of the Welsh Conservatives to fully admit their knowledge that Cairns former colleague Ross England told a rape trial in April 2018 that he had been in a casual sexual relationship with the victim - claims the victim had denied. should reverberate in every Welsh Constituency,
He was thrown out of court by the judge, who had ruled such evidence inadmissible, and the trial collapsed. The defendant James Hackett was subsequently convicted of rape at a retrial.

Wales Online report that

Former Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns has refused to apologise to a rape victim who was forced to endure a second trial because one of the party's employees collapsed the first.
Mr Cairns resigned as Welsh Secretary after being accused of lying about  his knowledge of what his former aide, Ross England, had done , in what a judge called a "deliberate" and "stupid" attempt to make claims in front of the jury about the victim's sexual history.
In response he said: "This is a really sensitive case that I have taken seriously throughout. I fully support the party's apology and explanation to the victim and it is absolutely right that the candidate has stood down."
Candidate Ross England has been suspended by the party but has not yet stood down. My Cairns himself is still standing as a Conservative candidate for the General Election on December 12.

The reporter then gave him multiple opportunities to personally apologise to the woman.
"Is it right that you should be a candidate here?" the reporter asked.
Mr Cairns replied: "When people know all of the facts, and that is what the cabinet office will do, they can then make a judgement, but this is not about trial by media."
He was then asked again if he would say sorry: "Would you like to apologise to the victim in this?"
Again Mr Cairns declined saying: "I have supported the victim through out. I have text evidence that shows appreciation for the support that I gave the victim. It's a really sensitive case and is highly complex

After over a week of mixed messages on the issue the Tories finally apologised to the victim in a statement from a party spokesman but there has been no personal apology from a senior figure.While out canvassing today Mr Cairns was asked by an ITV reporter if he would like to also personally apologise to the victim.
 IThe reporter then interrupted saying: "But would you like to say sorry to her?"Instead of apologising Mr Cairns said he did not want to take part in "trial by media".
He said: "It is a highly sensitive case. I want people to look at all of the facts and make a judgment according to the facts - this is not trial by media. "
For the third time the reporter asked: "Would you like to say sorry to her?"
Mr Cairns said: "The party has apologised and expressed sympathy for the victim.
"I strongly support what the party has said but it is right that there is a due process because this is not trail by media.
"We have to go through a due process and people will see all of the facts and make a judgement accordingly."
He then continued to canvass the street ignoring the questions from the reporter.
In a separate interview with BBC Wales, Mr Cairns repeatedly refused to answer questions about when he knew about Ross England's role in collapsing the rape trial.
He said: "This is a highly sensitive situation and I have taken this seriously throughout. The party has made a statement that has expressed sympathy to the victim and that is something I would fully support.
"It's important to realise that I had no association in any way with the trial and I have stood aside as the secretary of state for Wales in order to give the cabinet office the space they need in order to come to a conclusion and judgement."
Despite evidence showing that he was part of a conversation about Mr England's actions and the potential consequences in August last year, he told the BBC reporter: "I had no association with the trial in any way shape or form. I had no communication from the court or from the judge...."
When was pressed by the reporter, who pointed out that he was one of the top people in his party and that Ross England was his friend, he said: "Well, let the cabinet look at all the evidence and they will make a judgement rather than be faced by trial by media."

This not trial by media , but asking  questions about a serious mater , normally I do not advocate blaming a Party for the wrong doings of its members.

But the England/Cairns row is also about to what extent senior Conservatives were aware that the Judge in the "Sabotaged rape case" had said

"Mr England, as far as I am concerned, this matter so far as you are concerned isn’t ended. I shall be writing personal letters to people who are politically close to you and I hope they take appropriate action. Get out of my court.

It is not Mr Cairns who is alone in not dealing swiftly with Ross England but the parties Welsh and UK hierarchy 

Voters throughout Wales who consider voting Tory , should clearly ask whether they are the right people to represent them.

He then walked off as the reporter asked him: "But what about the email Mr Cairn