Saturday, 11 April 2015

So which candidate would Peter Hain sack now?

Earlier this week I received two anonymous comments when i posted on other subjects
 I did not immediately publish the comets because they were  Labour's Ceredigion election candidate  suggesting among other things  "Tippex" be thrown over cars displaying English flags.
I held back because I thought it might have been a trap  and it was another Huw Thomas tweeting back in 2006
But it was indeed that Huw Thomas also suggested on a discussion forum in 2006 the flags were for a "simpleton" or a "casual racist".
Writing during the 2006 football World Cup, Mr Thomas said: 
"I agree it is totally sickening the number of English flags to be seen around Wales. It really shows the level our society has been infiltrated by immigrants who aren't ready to integrate."
He also stated:
 "I got the opportunity when I was offered an English flag for half price in WHSmiths Oxford to answer with the sentence 'Since I am neither a simpleton nor a casual racist I must decline your offer.'"
Mr Thomas then had a suggestion for anyone annoyed by flags on cars.
"... TIPPEX - throw a bottle of the stuff over the car, it will look ridiculous (especially if it's a shiny boy racer-ish car), it will take hours to clean it (or money in the car-wash) and, without looking closely, it will look like bird poo!"
Normally I would pass it off as the discretion of youth and argue that maybe a moratorium should be placed on social  media  indiscretions otherwise we could end up excluding hundreds of people from public office and be left with dry Party Clones.
However earlier this week, it was  called for Plaid Cymru to replace its candidate for "divisive and hateful language" about some English people living in Wales.
Mike Parker had made his comments in a magazine article in 2001.
The difference however was that Mr Parker was expressing concerns about Racist moving to Wales  whilst Mr Thomas was attacking English people  for showing their flag in Wales.
I admit to often sharing the ABE (Anyone But England ) mentality but just as I if living in England feel I  would  support Wales and fly Y Draig Goch . English people have the right to fly thier flag here. without the fear of criminal damage
In a statement on Friday, Mr Thomas said: 
"I apologise wholeheartedly for these comments, made while I was a young student. These are not my views now and I deeply regret writing this post online."Every candidate at this election will have gone through a political journey. Most will have said or thought things when they were young and at university, college or school that they now regret. This is certainly the case for me."
He added that people in Ceredigion 
"deserve an MP that will admit when they are wrong".
Which is another dig at Mike Parker who whilst admitting he would not wprd thongs in the way he did in 2001 makes n apology for attacking racists like the NBP Nick Griffin who have moved to Wales.

One wonders  if the likes of Peter Hain  or any of those who joined in the attempt to smear Mike Parker had read the whole story without knowing who had made an Anti-Racisit  comment against someone who  claimed  our "society has been infiltrated by immigrants who aren't ready to integrate."  would they now cal to be sacked


  1. Does this mean Labour are going to tippex him off their list of candidates?

  2. Does this mean Labour are going to tippex him off their list of candidates?

  3. Latest revelation from Huw Thomas, "What is needed is for everyone to carry a felt pen and write on every car with an English flag, 'English go home'. Either that or a Molotov Cocktail" Surely grounds for legal action there.

  4. Peter Hain has been "Tango"ed