Sunday, 12 April 2015

Are Labour suddenly runing scared of Leanne?

Labour  may have sen signs of Leanne Maina suddenly appearing in Wales  because they have hastily  announced a raft of Devolved powers on policing, fracking, speed limits and votes for 16-year-olds are just some of the promises made by Welsh Labour as the party launches its manifesto. before it officially launches its Welsh manifesto in North Wales next week.
Among its plans are a reserved powers model for Wales, meaning that powers should be assumed to be devolved unless they are specifically reserved to the UK Government.
Labour says it will devolve policing policies, power over the work programme and more powers over transport.
That will see the Welsh Government gain powers on the Wales and Border rail franchise, ports, speed limits, bus regulation and taxi regulation.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones said: 
“Over the past five years we have shown the difference a Labour government can make to the lives of people. Protecting Wales from the worst of the Tory cuts, we have stood up for those that need our support most.
"To deliver the fairer society we want now and in the future, we must rebalance our institutions moving power closer to communities.
“Labour is at one with the people of Wales in wanting a strong set of powers that allow our nation to shape its own destiny, but with the social and economic advantages that the Union still provides. Our manifesto moves Wales onto a more permanent devolution settlement.
“This election is a choice not just between a Labour and a Tory government, but between two very different visions of Wales’ future.”

Well we can question   whether Labour have made a difference to Wales or whether they have truly protected us from the " Tory Cuts" but we can question why Labour can'f simply set a date for parity with Scotland.

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith said:  not known to be an enthusiast  for devolution said

“Our plans for further devolution to the Assembly shows clearly that Labour are committed to rebalancing Britain and moving power closer to communities.“These proposals map out a historic new chapter in Wales’ devolution journey, creating a lasting settlement allowing us to advance social justice, improve equality of opportunity and create a fairer society for all”.
The party is also promising a new funding model for Wales.
Labour said: 
The people of Wales can only exercise true power over devolved public services when they are properly funded. The last Labour Government recognised this, increasing the Welsh budget from £7bn to £16bn.

This is most welcome and is an improvement over the DEvo Dipyn Bach that " Alas Smith and Jone's " have  indicated  of what Wales could expect over the next five years.

But I wonder if they have felt something stirring in the streets as Leanne Wood seems  to be appearing everywhere i the medias and in the constituencies and her brilliant stand with Mike Parker Yesterday  in Aberunlike other Party Leaders   actuary meeting ordinary voters not just staged photo shoots with party members,

This hug between Leanne and Mike who has hard a hard week from those seking to smear him says a lot

If you want the above Labour promises to be implemented then its people like Mike  Parker and other Plaid Candidates you should back .

If Plaid can scare Labour i a few weeks of campaigning we might see  a whole new  ball game after May 7th.


  1. Of course the debates had an impact, the Mike Parker smears proved how worried Labour and Lib Dems are about Leanne Wood’s popularity and Plaid Cymru appeal, but it’s hard to prove how big an impact without opinion polls or a more balanced media.

    At the very least Leanne’s appearance in the debate has given the lazy, entitled Welsh branch of Labour a kick up the backside and their activists are more visible than I’ve seen them in years.

  2. Bored of Labour12 April 2015 at 15:46

    Or you could interpret Labour's offer as more jam tomorrow for those voters still daft enough to fall for it. Labour will promise whatever they need to win in Wales, especially as Scotland is slipping from their grasp, they're not about to give up their privileged positions without a fight.

  3. They have spent the last five years voting against devolving more powers to Wales and now they are promising Jam Tomorrow as a bribe for us to remain loyal unlike the Scots.

    It was a couple of months back they refused to vote for a ban on fracking and then within a week or so were promising us powers over fracking.