Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Branch Managers have no say in where Labour cuts will fail.

I have often arsed who the leader (Branch Manager)of the Labour Party. Shadow Secretary of State Owen Smith or First t Minister Carwyn Jones

The latter hasn't been very prominent i this campaign and must be cursing that Leanne Wood has been attracting so much publicity ,. To the extent that she was "taken of " on Dead Ringers on BBC Four (Though  all they did was use  a Cod Welsh Accent).

But maybe Carwyn and Owen would be wise to keep their heads down or the reality of their position may become clear

There is supposed to be no problem who is in charge of Labour in Scotland its Jim Murphy but it became clear of his real status when  n a TV debate last Tuesday the former Scottish Secretary promised that Labour would not need to make “further cuts to achieve our spending rules” in the next parliament.

He claimed projections by the Institute of Fiscal Studies meant that, as well as bringing spending reductions to a halt, there would be scope to increase spending on government departments by £9.2billon by 202

However Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls contradicted Mr Murphy’s claim that no spending cuts would be needed after 2016.

In a further blow, Shadow Business Secretary Chukka Umunna appeared to tell Mr Murphy to know his place when asked about the issue in a TV interview. 

ut speaking on BBC’s Daily Politics, Mr Umunna said:

 “The leader of the Scottish Labour party will not be in charge of the UK budget. The leader of the country, the next Prime Minister, Ed Miliband, will be in charge of the UK budget.”

Some may think fair enough  but it does mean that Labour should not be making promises in Scotland and Wales  that  are more appealing to voter there and here but is not the polciy of their London Masters.

There is no clear red water running between London and Cardiff or Edinburgh '

We can only speculate how much consolation  there was on the 117 words on Wales or the two paragraphs om Scotland  whether the  Branch Managers were consulted .

So remember when reading the Labour leaflets promising to fight or reverse the Con/LibDem cuts no such thing will happen '

They are in fact committed t making further cuts and Neither Jim Murphy i Scotland or Alas Smith and Jones in Wales will have any say in on whose neck it will fall on.


  1. After today’s welsh opinion polls the branch mangers will be delighted sadly, Wales loses again as Labour tightens it iron grip, it’s almost got to the stage where there’s no point campaigning in election in Wales anymore as the results a forgone conclusion.

    I’m also at the stage where I don’t know what to say about Plaid Cymru either, the result after the 7 way debate and tons of press are an unmitigated disaster. I don’t think it’s all the party or Leanne Wood fault, I finally accept the majority will never believe Wales is a country or is worth fighting for.

    Wales is heading for 5 more years of pain and cuts whoever wins, only this time no one can complain they weren't warned.

  2. Dafydd Williams15 April 2015 at 23:33

    Never give up - on May 8 you could see SNP and Plaid MPs holding the balance of power. That could force a minority Labour government to moderate their right-wing austerity policies.

  3. It's a curious supposition that Welsh Labour is not popular with the Welsh people and not working for the Welsh people. I think, like most people, that our Wel;sh Government is doing a pretty good job. I'd like to see a Labour government in Westminster too. What's wrong with that?