Friday, 24 April 2015

How to change the Welsh Light Bulb.

National Left asked leading Welsh Politicians how to change a Light Bulb.

Stephen Crabb: Secretary State for Wales:

"We are the Party of Light Bulb change.  However we don't  see any cal for an increase in brightness and propose a modest rise subject to a referendum on how the electricity bill is payed".

Andrew RT Davies . Leader of the Welsh Conservatives:

"I haven't seen what Stephen Crabb has said , but I have my own plans for changing the Light Bulb".

Owen Smith: Shadow Secretary of State:

I will be changing the Light Bulb but I remind you that light from the rest of the Street is important and we must use that as well".
Carwtn Jones: Leader of "Welsh" Labour 

Carwyn was unavailable to comment.

Kirsty Wiliams: Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats :

"We  would have liked to change the Light Bulb, but were prevented from doing so by our coalition partners . However we did make sure that the curtains remained open and deserve credit for that ".

Pippa Bartolotti leader of the Gren Part in Wales

"We want and Eco friendly Light Bulb."

Nathan Gill Leader of Ukip in Wales.

"These are foreign made Light Bulbs and we believe we should return to British  made Victorian Gas Lighting".

Leanne Wood: Leader of  Plaid Cymru.

"We want to change the Light Bulb, but frankly the whole house needs rewiring".


  1. So no light bulbs are changed, the voter remains in the dark !

    John Tyler

  2. Disturbingly accurate, Glyn. Love it.

  3. Glyn, thanks for enlightening us with this brilliant piece.

    What we need in Wales are leaders that are trustworthy and bright.

    Unfortunately most of these politicians are just too dim!