Wednesday, 8 April 2015

"Impartial;" BBC Complains of web bullying.

I try to keep this Blog free from abusive remarks, but some times when the Unionist media lie to us its difficult
In the wake of the  BBC reporter James Cook chosing  to  end  his piece to camera, over the  plot to smear the SNP  by claiming Nicola Sturgeon  had said to the France Ambassador that she would prefer a Cameron Govermment, Cook appeared to accept the truth over this  in that it never happened but ended  by saying that there were“definitely” people in the SNP who would prefer to see a Tory government . It looked like a nod and a wink to me.
Naturally there were many angry with his  and whilst the WebBrits were deleting  their twitter messages there were many pointing out what they regarded as bias BBC reporting it reads...
  BBC Scotland has called for users of social media to show restraint after journalists covering the general election campaign were subject to online abuse.Offensive comments were posted on the internet and sent via email about reporters last weekend.
BBC Scotland said while it welcomed public engagement, its journalists should be treated with respect.

NUJ Scotland said the abuse received was "unacceptable".
I accept that but are the BBC trying to label all who question their Impartiality as offencive CyberNats?

BBC Scotland's head of programmes and services Donald Mackinnon, said:
 "We welcome social media engagement with our audiences."It was a significant element of last year's referendum and for the general election we are increasing the ways in which voters can access our coverage online with more shareable content such as video and audio clips."But there are times when social media and other online sites have been used to abuse and threaten journalists. This is completely unacceptable and our journalists are entitled to carry out their work without the threat of unwarranted personal attacks online."
She added:
 "The safety of our staff is of paramount concern to us and we are doing everything in our power to ensure they can carry out their work helping to inform our audiences on this major story without intimidation or abuse."
If the BBC apologised  for Cooks misreporting they would have a right to complain but it beginning to look like a Wasp complaining that a Bee had stung him.

Anyway the whole CyberNat thing is a red herring , WebBrits can be just as offensive and the British Media as we have sen over the whole affair appear to be able to lie and make almost racist attacks in the people of Scotland for daring to vote SNP with impunity.

Before casting dispersions on his critics the BBC should exam its own role and its claim to be impartial.

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