Sunday, 19 April 2015

Leaflet Watch 3, Tories fighting wrong election.

The second leaflet delivered by Post  has arrived and this time its from the Tories

The first thing to not  that unlike the Labour  Posted Leaflet the Tory one is fully bilingual.. It come to something when the former  shame the biggest party in Wales by using Cymraeg

The second is that there no pictures of David Cameron or any prominent Welsh Tory and hardly any mention of the Conservatives, Have Ponty Tories been advised not to mention their party leader can they have been advised by :Lyntom Crosby  like the Aberconwy candidate r) 

 sell yourself not the party". 

The third is that the photos are bloody awful and unflattering .Though I am not very photogenic they could have made Ms Mason llook a little les scary.

But it is the content  seems to point out a confusion with Welsh Tories in what Election they are fighting

The main thrust of Ms Masonn's leaflet deal with Education and the NHS to powers that are devolved .
There is nothing wrong with mentioning both or Labour's running of them but how can a Westminster  \MP, protect the NHS in Wales from drastic budget cuts or Improve Education Standards?

Not a very god leaflet but get points for bilingualism 5/10.

As I stated  this is with less than three weeks to go this is only the second leaflet delivered by post (along with one Labour Newspaper by party members).

With less than three weeks to go many postal ballots will have be delivers and a fair number will have voted before they get any Electoral Communication at all.
Maybe this should be examined.

Living in a Labour stronghold they have got a fair number of the Garden Posters out  before nominations close.

It does come as an advantage to incumbents as presumably  they could carefully store previous posters and recycle them at the start of the next campaign

With postal voting set to increase maybe it should be taken into consideration how the parties postal communications can get to most voters before they vote.


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  1. What is the poster count looking like?