Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cadnant Election Labour crow over win

On Thursday 2 Ebrill 2015 an election was held for one County Councillor for the Cadnant Electoral Division resulting in a Labour Gain from Plaid

Labour 233
Plaid Cymru 185
Llais Gwynedd 148
Indepedent 94
Conservative 22

The 2012 result had seen a comfortable  Plaid win

Plaid Cymru 397 59.17%
Labour Party 268 39.94%
Turnout: 47.83% Disregarded papers: 6'

So it looks like the Plaid loss om  only a slightly smaller turnout   was largely due to the intervention of other candidates  rather than a huge swing to Labour

There was also a battle for the Town Council  and it was a straight fight
Cyngor Tref however 

Plaid Cymru 280
Independent 360

Welsh Labour boasted that the by-election in Cadnant stopped Plaid’s “20-year hold” on the ward with a swing “that would see Labour gain Arfon on May 7”.

However Pllaid held  onto a seat in Caerphilly council which saw a by-election in the ward of Penyrheol the same night. 

Penyrheol Caerphily

Plaid Cymru 340
Labour 237
Even the most fanatical Plaid supporter would claim that this pointed to them gaining the Caerpjilly seat or that it has any relevance on May's election.

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