Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Tory MPs in Wales , not Welsh MPs

This is a deliberate title in my mind there are no "Wels" Tory MPs for the most part they regard thier constituencies , merely as a convenience  to get into parliament they often have no links with it 

Indeed sorry,  the argument b Edmund Burke that  role of an MP is to be a representative, not a delegate, which Labour's Rhondda mP has written about does not rally exist is irrelevant because for politicians like indeed Bryant , they don't even represent their constituency and certainly not Wales but are only seat holders.

The laterst example for this is  Sarah Atherton, who won Labour at next week’s election, responding to a complaint from the member of the public about the lack of Welsh on her campaign material said “Having done some research into the amount of people who speak welsh in the area it seemed like the sensible call to make,” she said.

She did, however, say that the decision was because of time restraints and if elected she would make an effort to ensure that all material would be bilingual.
“This was a tough decision that the campaign team sadly had to make,” she said. “Due to the limited amount of time/resources we made the decision to distribute English only material in order to widen the reach of our message.”
Now Ms Atherton has been criticised after claiming differing lockdown advice is causing confusion for residents living close to the Wales-England border.

The Leader reports that 
Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently relaxed restrictions designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus by allowing people in England to take day-trips anywhere in the country and for schools to reopen to more pupils.However, the Welsh Government has taken a more cautious approach, advising that individuals from two households in the same local area can meet outdoors, but should generally not travel more than five miles from home.Meanwhile, ministers have yet to set a date for when schools will return in the country.Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton said the alternative stances taken by the two governments was causing uncertainty for people living in her constituency, as well as businesses.Posting on Twitter on Sunday the Conservative Psaid
“The different approaches have caused a great deal of confusion and uncertainty for people living in border constituencies, such as Wrexham – highlighting the need for a cohesive, one nation approach to tackling COVID-19.
“I have been approached by several local businesses concerned about what it means for them if their competitors over the border are allowed to open, whilst they must remain shut.”politician said:

Although her comments echoed those made last month by a community leader in neighbouring Flintshire, they have largely attracted a negative response.

It includes from Plaid Cymru councillor Carrie Harper, who stood against Ms Atherton in December’s general election.

The Queensway representative said she feared the UK Government’s more relaxed stance could lead to a second wave of the virus.

She also pointed the finger firmly at the Conservatives for any problems caused.

Cllr Harper said:

“If there has been confusion during this pandemic then the responsibility for that undoubtedly sits with her party and its leader.
“Boris Johnson has consistently been out of step with the devolved nations despite the best efforts by governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to work with him.
“Add to that the appalling handling of the Dominic Cummings fiasco, which sent out the message that there was one set of rules for the Tory elite and another set for the rest us, and it’s quite galling to see Sarah suggest we now need a ‘one nation’ approach.”

She added:

The whole Tory shambles from ‘herd immunity’ to ‘driving to test your eyesight’ and breaking lockdown rules has so far had a bitter Trumpian flavour to it.
“There is no doubt in my mind that communities like ours in Wrexham have so far been protected from the worst effects of Covid-19 because of devolution, I say that without any smugness given half of my family live in England and a number work on the frontline in hospitals there.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson said it would always look to take a co-ordinated approach where possible, but added ministers would always “put the needs of Wales first”.

They said:
“Public health is a devolved matter – the coronavirus regulations are therefore made by the governments in each of the four nations and reflect the unique circumstances of each of the countries.
“We are confident the people of Wales support our careful and cautious approach to dealing with coronavirus.”
Given that we all live near some boarder  whether it is our County Council and Community council  and some people find that they get different services from their immediate neighbour 

Replying to
Hands up, I don't get it. I don't understand the confusion. Are we saying that people are stupid? There are borders everywhere demarcating different rulea. Even internally, we have borders. There are different Council Tax Rates between Gwynedd and Denbighshire /2

Different education systems - Gwynedd has bilingual schools, and Denbighshire has schools placed in language categories; different littering regimes; a blue badge holder can park the car for free in Bala, yet pay for parking in Corwen; I could be charged £100 for littering /3

in Llandderfel, but 1mm over the border in Llandrillo I'd be charged £75. Planning, business support, refuse, recycling, and much more besides are dealt with differently not just throughout Wales but from Cheshire to Shropshire to Herefordshire, and throughout the UK /4

Perhaps Ms Atherton should undergo classes in civics let alone devolution.

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East Neuker said...

All this stuff about confusion and the need for "lockstep" is utter nonsense. Throughout the world people who live near borders understand that rules are different on either side and cope without problems, even where there are no physical constraints to crossing that border. There is a point where Belgium, Germany and Holland meet, and you can be in the different countries within a few yards. Laws are different in each of those countries, and people understand this.

Since the disaster of the Act of Union in 1707 Scotland still has a different legal system from England, and there are things that are legal in one spot and illegal a few feet away. The Westminter Govt. has done its best to destroy that, but has not wholly succeeded.

What we are seeing is based firstly on the English arrogant belief that what they are doing must be right and failure to understand why anyone would want to do differently. Also, on a political level, they see difference as a threat as it encourages belief in a separate identity in Scotland and Wales, thus fostering ideas of independence. Additionally, they hate the idea that a Welsh or Scottish government might be objectively seen to be performing better in a devolved matter than Westmonster is in England. The sheer attack dog abuse that the Scotiish government and FM have been getting from the British tame media shows their bitterness that, in the case of the current pandemic, people in Scotland and even elsewhere think that the handling of the pandemic has been better here than in England.

If only the Scottish govt had more powers it would be even better - an example is the uk failure to in any way control incomers through airports, which applies in Scotland and can't be changed by the SG. An independent Scotland would have been able to act more like New Zealand or Denmark if not hobbled by this criminally incompetent UK government. Many people have died because of this shambles. Johnson and co have blood on their hands and should be in jail. End of rant.