Tuesday, 16 June 2020

"Gwlad" have more in common with Nigel Farage than Gwynfor Evans .

The very small nationalist party Gwlad Gwlad used to describe itself as neither Left or Right according to Wikepedia The party describes itself as pro-independence, pro-Brexit and centre-right and if this is an example of how the feel it seems the correct label

Black Lives Matter are basically a communist organization, carried along on a wave of emotionalism driven by social media. But the lack of public engagement about this is fuelling the extreme right, who are just as dangerous. It's time for sensible people to step forward.
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FOLLOWING two bouts of violence on respective Saturdays in London, it's clear that the current culture war is intensifying.
The extreme left have been tearing down statues, and agitating for the re-naming of buildings and cancellation of tv shows.
Their success with this and their general momentum at present has in turn provoked a counter-movement with the extreme right predictably hopping on to this bandwagon.
There's a strong case to be made that normal people's apathy and lack of interest in the whole political process has facilitated all of this.
As this public indifference has created a gaping void which is now being filled by those who make the most noise on both extremes of the political spectrum.
This serious lack of engagement means that narratives are not challenged and scrutinized properly.
For instance, Black Lives Matter, who have held a number of rallies in Wales, sounds an entirely honourable sentiment, that no one can really disagree with.
But how many people are informed and interested enough to look beyond the slogan, and see what the real aims of BLM are?
Its' website states categorically that their aim is to abolish capitalism, abolish the nuclear family, defund the police, abolish the patriarchy and abolish all existing structures.
They are basically a communist organization carried along on a wave of emotionalism driven by the power of social media.
But the lack of public engagement about all this will also fuel the growth of the extreme right in response, who are also just as dangerous in their own way.
With their insistence on the 'purity' of British history, and their hatred of what they see as interlopers trashing that history.
Many sensible people might not want to engage in the political process. And who can blame them in a way, as it's such a dispiriting arena at present.
But it's fast becoming a necessity.
Logic, reason and common sense have to prevail against the emotion that rules on one side and the hate that is fast developing on the other extreme of the spectrum.
And we can't avoid that call here in Wales either.

Weirdly i was expecting them to join in the call for "tearing down statues, and agitating for the re-naming of buildings and cancellation of tv shows" seen as insulting Cymru, Our Language and Culture, but  it seems they think that this would identify with other causes .

In the sixties Cymdeithas Yr Iaith were inspired , by Dr Martinthe  there the actions of the Civilr Rights  there even adopting a Welsh Translation  of Weshall Overcome as inspiration

Cymdeithas yr Iaith still  believes in direct action, and in the course of its campaigns over a thousand people have appeared before the courts for their part in various campaigns, many receiving prison sentences, making it Britain's largest protest group since the suffragettes 

Gwlad  many try looking to the history of the Independence movement in our Nation and  how we relate that to struggles of people everywhere.

From their recent statements they are a Welsh Ukip with all the same prejudices, more in common with Nigel Farage than Gwynfor Evans .

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That Bara Brith Experience said...

Interesting piece there Glyn. I've considered Gwlad as a Welsh alternative for UKIP or the Brexit Party for some time. I think there's been a split since they first foremd, but them I didn't hold out much hope of it lasting with characters such as Gwylim ab Ioan involved. He's become increasingly weird, with his latest online venture full-on batshit crazy, conspiracy theories and dodgy therapies galore.

There seems to be something of an issue with the formatting of the webpage, as I can't view the post properly on my browser. I've tried both the Brave browser and Firefox, and both have the text merging into the right hand grey margin where your details appear. You should be able to sort that out in the edit facility. I don;t remember how to do that as I haven't used Blogger for years, but it will be there somewhere.