Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Food Vouchers row shows that we need our separate legislatures.

There  is no doubt that Boris Johnson has been forced into a humbling U-turn over providing food vouchers for some of England’s poorest families after a campaign launched by the footballer Marcus Rashford threatened to engulf his government in another crisis.
In an embarrassing about-face, the prime minister said that yesterday he had called the England and Manchester United striker to explain the reversal, and made the remarkable claim that he had only become aware of Rashford’s interest in the issue earlier in the day.
Which is of course either  complete bollocks, or proof that Johnson is living in some kind of bubble .
At least Donald Trump appears to watch the news  even if he doesn't understand it , even or sends him a fury  
Yet 24 hours before, No 10 had rejected the footballer’s plea for it to keep paying for the £15-a-week vouchers over the summer, and ministers had been sent out to defend the government’s position. But with Conservative MPs threatening to rebel against the government, Downing Street retreated and announced a new £120m “covid summer food fund” for 1.3 million pupils in England.
Appearing at the coronavirus daily briefing yesterday Johnson said he had called Rashford, 22, to congratulate him on his campaign. “I thank him for what he’s done,” he said.
Rashford, who has written about the food poverty he experienced as a child, said of the reversal on Twitter.: “I don’t even know what to say. Just look at what we can do when we come together, THIS is England in 2020.
I have nothing but praise for Mark Rashford,  it is a major victory for him and other campaigners , but it must be noted the fact that both the Welsh and Scottish Governments have already pledged to provide food vouchers and it could well be the sight of Welsh and Scottish children eating whilst English children go without  would be an awful image over summer for the Westminster (English Government) to face.
Indeed though I wouldn't  at any time wish the uncaring bastards prepared to see their children go hungry on the people of England, but I wonder how the Abolishthe Assembly Parliament supporters would answer this.
Of course the London media are still doing their best to ignore  the different path that Wales and Scotland over the coranavirus  and  you might be forgiven by listening to this morning news that far from already committing themselves to providing food vouchers Wales and Scotland are somehow following the U so Turn in England even when they were already  going in the right direction.
So far devolution has worked in the interest of the people of Wales and Scotland during the pandemic and whilst I wish that it had never happened , it proves how we can work  for the interest of our people , unlike the goverment in England who seemed to even consider seeing children go hungry , basically because they are run by uncaring Tory Bastards.
There is another path , that we can take and Independence for Wales and Scotland  where no one can remember , the Tories winning a majority of seats in each nation, could see that when it comes to children stopping going hungry OUR governments wouldn't even think twice. 

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