Thursday, 23 March 2017

Westminster Attack.

After Yesterday's attack in Westminster I think it not a day for my usual polemics

My thoughts are with the families of those who died and that of the injured and those who experiences  a trauma that will affect them for a long time,

It is to early to speculate  on the reasons behind this attack but I share the statement of the Muslim Council of Britain,
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It is poignant that this came a few days after the death of Martin McGuinness someone who had rejected the terrorism of the past and who fully embraced the peace progress and tellingly achieved more for his goal in a United Ireland by doing so,

No matter what our political views we must all stand together  and not be cowed by such attacks and we should reject those who will see this as a excuse to promote their own bigoted agenda against innocent people , who are not responsible for the action of small number of extremists or deranged individuals 

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