Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Welsh concerns are "tiresome" according to Tories.

When Welsh  FM Carwyn Meets Theresa May he might not have the threat of Wales leaving the Union as Nicola Sturgeon had yesterday  but he needs to decide whether he should warn the Prime Minister that there are others who are prepared  to put that argument and it will grow unless the very rel fears of the people of Wales are not addressed.
As it is Wales stands to lose more than any other part of the United Kingdom as a result of Brexit, a leading think tank has warned.
An new analysis by Demos sounds the alarm bell about the consequences for Wales of leaving the EU.
Researchers have flagged up the dangers posed by Wales’ reliance on EU funding and high level of exports to the EU.
Ironically considering that immigration was a major factor  in the reason why Wales voted for Brexit it ironic that the only risk we seem not to face is the loss of EU workers.
A spokesman for Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies said:
 "According to project fear we should be holed up in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in threadbare clothes eating tinned food by now.
"Instead of a wave of job cuts, plunging property prices and economic chaos, we've seen very clear evidence that Britain remains economically competitive and consumer confidence is high.
: "These reports are tiresome. We need our best and brightest working constructively with the prime prime minister to secure a brighter future for the UK."
The problem is Mr Davies that the Prime Minister  has shown that she is not prepared to work with anybody who doesn't   follow her Hard Brexit path.

It is time that all Polticians in Wales decide whether our interest lies in the Union which ignores our plight and needs and follow Scotland  not just  threats of lecing that Union but seeing that our future lies elsewhwre.

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