Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Wales has no other choice but to folow Scotland.

The BBC in  Wales seem to  to be intent on directing any response from us ,when it comes to what we should do as we face another Scottish Referendum

 Its website has the headline 

Scottish independence: UK stronger together, says Jones

However it was not Carwyn (where is he by the Way?) but a spokesman  who said

"The constitutional future of Scotland is a matter for the people of Scotland.
"However the First Minister is clear that the four nations of the UK are stronger together than apart."
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said the stakes for Wales "could not be any higher", as the prime minister prepares to trigger the Article 50 process for Brexit.
Her party has called for continued access to the single market.
"Any failure by the UK Government to recognise Scotland's interests could lead to the end of the UK as a state,"."In that situation, Wales would need to decide its own future."She added: "Plaid Cymru believes that decisions about Wales are best made in Wales and the way in which this hard Brexit is being pursued highlights exactly why."If the UK Government's Brexit negotiation also leads to the Welsh national interest being overlooked, support will grow for greater control of our own affairs in Wales."
Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies said: 
"Despite her assertions that she is speaking in the interests of the Scottish public, Nicola Sturgeon is in reality speaking in the interests of the SNP.
"Like their fellow nationalists Plaid Cymru, the SNP only want one thing: independence.
"Everything they say or do is to that end - this despite the majority of people saying time and time again that they do not want a return to the brutal divisions of a referendum.
"It's time that the SNP put the national interest ahead of their own nationalist interest, and started delivering for the Scottish people."
When Mr Davies talks about the National Interest  which Nation Is he talking about ?
However, UKIP's leader in the assembly Neil Hamilton said:
 "We welcome a referendum on Scottish independence."It is never wrong to consult the people. I give Nicola Sturgeon my wholehearted support in having another referendum in order to put this issue to bed once and for all."I also challenge Leanne Wood to call for a referendum on Welsh independence."This would show how little support Plaid Cymru have for their policy of being ruled from Brussels, and not by Cardiff/Westminster."
 Mr Hamilton probably believes that the combined UK Media will as it did in the first referendum will be hostile and that  a Project Fear 2 will ensure the defeat of Scottish Aspirations.

 Nick Servini, BBC Wales political editor seems to be putting the line that Wales has already decided it future is as an anexxe of England.

He wtites

Get ready for the constitutional arguments to be dusted down as another attempt is set to be made to take Scotland into independence.
The concerns from many about the loss of influence for Wales if Scotland leaves the UK will not have disappeared but the context is now so different than in 2014.The Brexit process will set the terms of the debate, and for the SNP government in Holyrood that is exactly the point.While Plaid Cymru in Wales say Nicola Sturgeon's comments should spark a national debate about the country's future, opponents will say that debate was settled in the Brexit referendum when the Leave vote in Wales virtually mirrored that in England.If we did not know before, the break-up of the UK is now firmly on the agenda as the Prime Minister prepares to trigger the ficial Brexit negotiations.

Admittedly the chance of Wales  following Scotland in leaving the UK any time soon , but that does not mean we should not attempt to use Indyref2 to press our own claim

To quote the french philosopher Régis Debray

"The condition don't have to there for a revolution, the revolution will create the conditions".

 We are one of the poorest parts of the UK something the Labour MP from Pontypridd is fond of pointing out

No, the reality is that we would simply be poorer. Wales raises £16bn pa and spends £32bn.

At least we in the Independence movement have at least a Plan to change this All the Unionists like Smith  can say is that we carry on  being poor West Britons that we have been for centuries.


Leigh Richards said...

"However the First Minister is clear that the four nations of the UK are stronger together than apart."
Perhaps carwyn's spokesperson could tell us how scotland is stronger by being dragged out of the EU against its peoples will? Perhaps the same spokesperson could tell us how wales and scotland will be 'stronger' by being dragged out of the two countries main trading area ie the eu single market.

And somehow i just dont see the 'better together' mantra that was deployed in 2014 having the same impact in the next indie referendum in scotland. But speaking of old slogans i hope the scottish indie campaign will give serious thought to stealing 'take back control' from the brexiters - wouldnt that be a marvellous irony :)

P.S. will take Herr Hamilton up on his demand for a referendum for wales any day. P.P.S a referendum on irish reunification too please :)

Anonymous said...

The difference between Wales and Scotland is the difference between the effectivnes of the SNP and Plaid Cymru

Anonymous said...

Leanne has not campaigned for independence. Time she went.