Friday, 3 March 2017

The most successful political Union in history means Wales is poorest part of UK.

Theresa May has accused the SNP of having "tunnel vision" over independence as she insisted that "politics is not a game".
It os of course the main aim of the SNP  and it seems weird for the Prime Minister  to talk about tunnel vision since she appears to be driving  the Nrexit Train into a tunnel at high speed without any idea what is on the other side.
The prime minister refused to be drawn on whether or not she would grant permission for a second referendum.
She was speaking to BBC Scotland ahead of her speech at the Scottish Conservative conference on Friday.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Mrs May's government had "no mandate" in Scotland.
And she accused the UK government of "obstinacy and intransigence" in its dealing with the devolved administrations ahead of the formal triggering of the Brexit process, which is expected to happen later this month.
The Scottish government has published a 60-page document which sets out proposals it believes could allow Scotland to remain in the EU single market even if the rest of the UK leaves - with Ms Sturgeon saying a second independence referendum is "all but inevitable" if that does not happen.
Mrs May said she was "looking very closely" at the proposals, adding: 
"We are working with them on those plans - there are issues that they have raised that we have taken on board."
I doubt if the SNP or anyone else outside May's cabinet see anything has been taken on board 
She said her objective was to use the Brexit negotiations to secure a 
"good trade agreement that works for the whole of the UK, but crucially a trade agreement that works for Scotland as well."
Come of it there will be only one part of the UK governments  that is in their minds and thats the City of Londo
She said it was wrong to say she backed a so-called "hard Brexit", but that she instead wanted "a Brexit that is going to be right for the United Kingdom, and that means being right for all parts of the United Kingdom".
She also said it was "very clear" that people in Scotland did not want another vote on independence - but did not say whether she would grant permission if the Scottish Parliament called for a second referendum.
Mrs May added:
 "To me, politics isn't a game. Politics is about people's lives, it's about delivering on the issues that really matter to them on a day-to-day basis."I can't help but feel that the SNP has a tunnel vision about independence. Actually I think what people want is for the SNP government to get on with dealing with the issues they want to see addressed on a day-to-day basis.
"Issues like the state of the economy, reforming schools - education used to be such a great flagship for Scotland, but sadly in recent years we have seen that deteriorating."
 Of course its booming in England 
Mrs May said she was "passionate" about preserving the United Kingdom - which she described as the most successful political union in history - and pointed out that the first visit she had made as prime minister was to Scotland.
Apart from the fact one part of the United Kingdom left in 1922 after a bitter and violent campaign in 1922.The latest figures comparing the wealth generated in different parts of the UK show that Wales remains bottom of the league table, behind every other UK nation and every region of England. The so-called Gross Value Added (Income Approach) for last year was published today, with the figure per person in Wales at less than half the level of England's richest region, which was London.
London £43,629
Wales £18,002

The Union is a disaster for Wales, and Brexit will make it worse as we are unlikely to get anything from Westminster to match the aid that we received from Brussles.

The argument that we are too poor for independence  ( which unfortunately has been made by Plaid leader Leanne Wood in the past ) is one that sees this going on for ever.

Only Independence will create the conditions  for Wales and Scotland to achieve the sort of prosperity aligned with the Social Democracy we see in the Scandinavian countries.

I hope Leanne uses the I word in her conference speech today . for to long Plaid have been wedded to the idea of making the assembly work , It is now time to push like our friends in Scotland  for Independence .

What the First Scottish Independence  Referendum did was create a mindset in Scotland that Independence wasn't what Ms May calls a game but a reality.

It is our duty to create a similar mindset in Wales. To fail to do so especially after Brexit will see  us becoming little more than Poor West Britons where a change  of Westminster government will make no difference.

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