Thursday, 30 March 2017

Neil Hamilton sums up the attitude of BREXIT backers

In someways Neil Hamilton summed up the whole attitude of Leave supporters after Brexit

Hamilton was reprimanded in the Senedd by the Presiding Officer for making a comment about "suicide" as Eluned Morgan addressed AMs.

Ukip's Assembly leader Mr Hamilton could be heard saying "suicide is an option" as Baroness Morgan told AMs that it was "a profoundly said day for the nation".

She said:
"Today is a profoundly sad day for the nation and also for our children and our children's children. Of course, those who will pay the highest price for Article 50 will be those who can least afford it."

A wave of disquiet was then heard among AMs who called on Presiding Officer Elin Jones to make Mr Hamilton apologise.
Neil Hamilton

Presiding Officer Elin Jones repeatedly asked Mr Hamilton to say sorry for the remark.

However such is the Smarmy Gits nature, he doesn't see he had done nothing wrong
"What is there to apologise for?"

"What was unparliamentary about the remark?"

"What was unparliamentary about the remark?"

Eluned Morgan said that she would have liked an apology as well but the Presiding Office ruled that she had accepted Neil Hamilton's apology on her behalf.
You can see see the  incident here 

Hamilton attitude has been all to common on those who supported Leave/

It has been

"You lost get over it"

"It's the will of the people"

From Prime Minister  Theresa  May down  (and remember she backed REMAIN) it has been we are going through with this and if you still have concerns.

There has been no attempt to reach out to the  48.1% (almost half of those who voted) in the UK  who voted REMAIN .

Despite promises the governments and legislatures  devolved Nations (and Scotland  voted 625 REMAIN) have been kept in the dark.

The whole BREXIT campaign has allowed the Racist bullies and right wing British Nationalists  to vent their spleen.

For years in these Islands just as in Trumps America the bigots who have been seething over years of equality progress are crawling out of the woodwork.

The UK may not have been the most liberal state in the EU  but the indications are that those who support progressive ideals may have to spend our time defending what we won rather pushing them forward.


Anonymous said...

spot on, Hamilton and UKIP's views are the new norm and majority held views in Wales, I suspect lots of people were laughing and cheering Neil Hamilton on yesterday after his revolting remarks about suicide.

Leigh Richards said...

Yes im not sure where the idea - which seems to have arisen since june 23rd - that when you lose a vote you should abandon what you believe in has come from. The anti devolutionists (many of whom vote for hamilton's party) didnt accept the result of the 1997 referendum in wales, and some of them are still sniping away in the shape of the 'abolish the assembly' rabble.

I am fundamentally opposed to the death penalty and if hanging was reintroduced following a popular vote i would still be opposed to it. The tories could argue they had a mandate to introduce the poll tax after their 1987 general election victory but millions disagreed and rightly campaigned against it, eventually bringing thatcher down of course.

So there is no reason why those of us who were opposed to brexit and who think it will be a disaster for wales - which it will be - should change our views on eu membership or be quiet on this.