Saturday, 18 March 2017

Someone give Andrew RT Davies a Map

Probably in order to make sure he gets a mention at the Welsh Conservative Conference Andrew RT Davies came up with this soundbite

Not bad comparing for a soundbite and interesting to see a Tory  comparing Nicola Sturgeon with Trump as if they disapprove of him.

Except Hadrian's Wall is no where near the Scotland England Border.

 Someone may pointed this out to our very own Homer Simpson   as the above image with soundbite has seemed to disappear.

Because in his speech he says
I do understand why the media get excited every time Nicola Sturgeon opens up her mouth and she talks about independence but at the end of the day she’s a nationalist and she will talk about independence because that’s why she went into politics...“In a perverse way, Nicola Sturgeon will be building her own Trump-type wall between England, and between the United Kingdom and the rest of Scotland but it will be the Scottish people who will be paying for that wall if she gets her way and that will be a tragedy for the Scottish people and it will be a tragedy for the United Kingdom if it breaks up.”
Considering it is his Party and its headlong rush a Hard Brexit  who are contemplating  a Hard Boarder between Northern Ireland and the Irish Boarder let alone the rest of Europe such hypocrisy is breathtaking,

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Anonymous said...

Andrew R T Davies comments regarding Scottish independence and Plaid Cymru came as no surprise. He's simply following the lead of his Westminster boss in attacking those who are perceived to be a threat to their precious Union.

His posturing and blustering over Brexit have shown him for what he his, a second rate politician. In Wales, he has offered nothing constructive to allay the fears and concerns of those who see a hard Brexit as an economic disaster in the making. He clearly hasn't been listening to David Davis.

Whilst he's catches up with the realities of a hard Brexit he should also brush up on his Scottish history and geography.