Sunday, 22 December 2013

What Internet Browser should I use for this Blog?

 This morning I'm just going to comment on my Internet Browser

At the moment I am using Firefox as my server for this Blog . I usually use Google  as it supposed to ne the one Blogger was designed for.

But recently it has given me problems especially with commentating on my own Blog, Have you been unable to post a comment?

Internet Explorer keeps crashing and Opera may be  a Browser  to many. and last time I used it it t didn't t work with Blogger

But Firefox seems to be working and unless Google changed I wil be using this  for now.


Owen said...

I presume you mean internet browser not server, Glyn.

I use Firefox and everything's working fine from what I can tell. I haven't had any problems commenting on other blogs that use the Blogger comments box either.

I switched to Disqus for comments a few months back. It has extra tools, but I think it might've put people off leaving comments because it requires an email, which - in its favour - eliminates anonymous comments (and spam).

glynbeddau said...

Yes I meant browser and have changed it