Friday, 20 December 2013

Cardiff must not br another London.

As this is the anniversary of Cardiff becoming  1955) the capitol of Wales  though we had no choice in the matter it is interesting to consider Vince Cable's The business secretary claiming  that expanding Heathrow Airport would mean London would continue to be a “giant suction machine draining the life” out of the rest of the count

I'm also minded to repeat Eurfyl  ap Gwylims brilliant performance during the last General Election against  a sneering Jeremey Paxman.

Paxman had gone on the attack as he interviewed Dr ap Gwilym, asking why Plaid is calling for more cash for Wales when the country already gets more than every English region. When the Plaid adviser pointed out that London is in England and gets 115% of average UK public funding per head against 112% for Wales, Paxman tried to suggest that London was not a region.
Dr ap Gwilym told Paxman he should do his homework and said London was classified as a region by the Treasury., Resulting in Paxman going losing it.
At the moments all roads lead to London and the needs of that City outride the rest of the UK. Whilst at the same time we here moans from there amongst the great and god that they are subsidising the rest of us.

But we need to take a lesson from this a devolved government in Wales must look at Cardiff in the same way .

Prior to Cardiff becoming our Capitol our great institutions were scattered through out Wales . thats why the National Library is in Aberystwyth.

We must not make the mistake that everything must be in Cardiff and we need to consider spreading our resources throughout our Nation.


Anonymous said...

Cardiff's economic position predates it being the Welsh capital. In reality the parts of Wales around Cardiff, apart from the Vale of Glamorgan, are in a sorry state. Further, in Wales "all roads don't lead to Cardiff", particularly in the north.

We need to be careful about drawing a crude comparison between Cardiff and London. The state should spread its investment across Wales, but the private sector will most invest in Cardiff (and to an extent in the north east) to any great deal because of the location of the city in relation to markets, to the M4 corridor, large concentrations of the population etc. It is too easy, and incorrect, to say this historic role for Cardiff is caused by devolution.

glynbeddau said...

I accept that Cardiff economic position predates it being the Welsh capital. In fact it used to boast that it was the "Chicago of Wales".

But we must be careful that we look at to the solution toi wales economy and development can be dealt with purely through Cardiff.

As for the M4 corridor it shows how Wales has been governed by the fact that our major roads and rail lines were largely built to connect England (London) with Ireland.

Shouldn't a Welsh government priority be connecting wales?

Anonymous said...

It's true that the economy can't be solved only through Cardiff.

Yes a WG priority should be connecting in Wales, a new M4 is an example of this not happening however people in the west and north still insist on voting Labour and Tory, who desperately want the M4.