Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How mantt "Agency Workers" are there in Wales?

News that Hundreds of jobs at a solar panel factory are set to be lost after electronics firm Sharp announced plans to cease production at its facility in Wrexham, North Wales. Comes as a devastating blow
Bosses at the electrical giant have blamed "unavoidable market conditions" in their decision to cut 250 posts and not to renew around 350 agency workers' contracts.
Company CEO Hiroshi Sasaoka said a 30% drop in the unit price of European solar panels since the start of 2012 had left Wrexham's output uncompetitive in the UK.

This is particularly bad as  the BBC were announcing  in June 2012 that the  company making solar panels was expected to announced that it is planning to move its European HQ from Hamburg in Germany to Wrexham. 

Maybe this was to make it easier to close it down German Law being more protective of its Workforce.

The firm said it was stopping production of solar panels at its Llay factory in February

The company said the decision affecting its Llay factory was "unavoidable" given trading conditions which "left Wrexham's output uncompetitive".

Perhaps one important  fact that we should consider  when looking at this is the fact the majority of people  working at the  Wrexham plant were "Agency  Workers"

Just how typical is that of our manufacturing industry in Wales?.

How many Agency workers or  staff employed on short term contracts by the company themselves do we have here?.

Could it be approaching the majority in manufacturing industries?

Shouldn't the Welsh TUC  research this?

We here much about Zero Contracts but for a lot of people who are on longer contracts usually fortnightly this is the time of year that they are laid off for a short period then reemployed  a week later so the company can claim they are not permanent staff.

What is the longest period that someone has being working in a company on such a basis?

At the same time we need a survey of how many people are on part time contracts who wish to work full time.

So this is a challenge for the Welsh TUC. Sstart this investigation now; Or are you afraid the results will show how little influence you have amongst though involved in these industries.?

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